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Certainty is an AI Ranker in the Last Raven VR Arena. Its rank is 6.

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AC Grim Beast[]

Quad-leg AC model equipped with an abundance of hard-hitting weaponry. Close-range attacks using a grenade launcher are its forte. Equipped with a back-mounted grenade launcher, a chain gun, a grenade rifle and a machine gun. The unit also stores a hangar AST handgun for its right arm.


This AC is tough enough to eat nails and ask for seconds. Impressive firepower combined with thick armor makes this a hell of a fight. Unless you think you can dodge him in the tiny factory you have to fight in, your only other (wise) choice is to try and outclass him in firepower. Build a tank based AC and get the toughest armor you can. Then add the large apeture cannon and a plasma rifle on the left arm. Once the battle starts, charge at him and let loose with both weapons. You're gonna want a high quality generator and maybe energy extentions as well.



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