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Chimera, also known as MAN++ in Japanese, is a Raven in Armored Core 2. His rank is #30 in the Arena.

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A heavily armed four legged AC. No one escapes the missile swarms he launches from his shoulders. The fury of his attacks strikes fear into those below him.

AC Tribunal (US)/Judgement (JP)[]

Tribunal is a heavyweight four-legged AC equipped with two multi missile launchers, a grenade rifle, a laser blade and an overboost core. The unit is capable of ignoring weight restrictions.


As his description suggests, Chimera will rely on his 2 multi-missile launchers on his back to unleash volley after volley of missiles to whittle you down. Though they can be averted with AMS, he still has his other weapon to fall back on: his grenade rifle, which packs a heavy punch, dealing high damage and heat at the same time.

But even with such hard-hitting weapons, Chimera isn't unbeatable. He rarely boosts at all, merely gliding around the map while bombarding you with his weapons. Moreover, his use of a powerful booster often drains out crucial energy he needs to dodge or fly (compounded further by the fact his AC is overweight), making him vulnerable to punishment. As such, hard-hitting weapons like his own are best used against him, as he also lacks in mobility, given his choice of heavier frame parts.

Overall, while Chimera does hit hard, his piloting skills make him an average fighter at best, and should not pose any real threat to any serious player.



  • Image courtesy of TMRaven
  • In the Japanese version, Chimera is known as MAN++, while his AC name is known as Judgement (ジャッジメント).



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