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Chrome is a main corporation seen in the original Armored Core.


This corporate conglomerate is based in Isaac City. It is one of the largest corporations in the world. Although they are not shy in publicizing the strengthening of their monopolistic system of exerting control over the city, few dare to speak publicly against them because of the magnitude and extent of their power. In the field of pharmaceutical research and development, they have a partnership with the leading firm Chemical-Dyne Co. They are constantly in conflict with their rival corporation, Murakumo.

In the Murakumo Path, Chrome launches an uprising in attempt to usurp control and destroy Murakumo, but end up failing; they are also responsible for activating the Devastator. No matter what path the player takes, Chrome ends up declining and eventually falling apart.


  • The currency in most Armored Core games are c's, which is most like Chrome, with the exception of AC4, Project Phantasma, and ACFA, which are Coams.
  • Although it is stated that both Murakumo and Chrome fell apart after the events of the Original Armored Core game, there is a mission in Armored Core Master of Arena, "Attack Chrome HQ," which makes it seem that Chrome is still active. There has been no explanation as to why Chrome is still in existence.
  • It is noted from a fan translation of the armored core official data book page 109 that Chrome once operated Ravens nest.


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