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Chrome Uprising is a mission in Armored Core.


Requester:Murakumo Millenium

Advance: 20000

Upon success: 28000

Theater of operations: Camp Murakumo, Zahm Desert

Enemy forces: Unknown

Conditions for success: Destroy entire enemy detachment


The Chrome have finally started an armed uprising. Socially, they been
in a cornered position, but it seems that they have finally made their

We wish no unnecessary fighting, but their mere presence is a danger
to all humanity. If we don't crush the bad seeds, the roots will again
begin to spread. Justice is ours.

Our elite troops have come under attack in various regions. The war
situation is going just as we had expected.

However, we miscalculated. We had to fight pitched battles against
Chrome detachments appearing above-ground. Several military bases were
attacked and suffered crippling blows.

According to reports, the enemy is a small detachment of 5-6 MTs, but
their capabilities cannot be taken lightly. They are probably Chrome's
latest models.

From the enemy's attack vectors, their next target is probably a
military base in the Zahm Desert. We want you to head to the base ASAP
and engage the enemy detachment.




Armored Core Chrome Uprising

This is actually not too hard of a mission. The only enemies you face here are the Chaos MTs that you fought previously. 2 of them are the lower end models and only 1 higher end model. The MTs' mobility and obstacles across the map will make it slightly harder to deal with them, however, they are still not highly dangerous and can be taken effectively with the right strategy. The Chaos 0.8 will attempt to bombard you with their shots while the Chaos 0.9 tends to stay back and fire. Close in on the MTs if you can and try blading them to death as they lack melee attack capability. Or if melee isn't really your style, you can try using high power weapons such as the Karasawa along with some back missiles/rockets. Their affinity to dodge attacks means that some of your shots may miss, so don't fire blindly at them.

You can also make use of the buildings/obstacles as cover should you take too much damage.