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The Civil Commotion of Mars was the term coined for Leos Klein's uprising on Mars.


The Civil Commotion officially began upon Leos Klein's orders to eliminate the Earth Government's VIP that had arrived on Mars. The VIP was eliminated, and Klein used his army of special forces, the Frighteners, to launch an insurrection and quickly overthrew the LCC, the then ruling body of Mars. He continued attacking the three main corporations, Zio Matrix, Emeraude, and Balena, as well as activating all known Disorder units on the planet, causing severe damage and confusion. He then proceeded to steal the Balena Corporation's S.T.A.I battleship and upon being defeated in AC to AC combat, fled to Phobos, an orbiting moon, where he then attempted to crash it into Mars itself. Leos Klein was defeated, and Phobos disintegrated in Mars' atmosphere, thus ending the Civil Commotion.


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