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Mission icon Clear Former Chinese Shanghai
"Clear Former Chinese Shanghai"
General information
Client Omer Science Technology
Area Former Chinese Shanghai
Objective Defeat All Enemies
Reward 500,000c
Real world information
Game Armored Core: For Answer

"Clear Former Chinese Shanghai" is a mission in Chapter 1 of Armored Core: For Answer.


Clear former chinese briefing

The enemy forces.

Here is your mission

The client is Omer Science Technology. Your objective is to destroy the fleet currently docked in the port of former Chinese Shangai.

The fleet is a combination of GA America and BFF forces and includes a number of special edition Normals. However, we don't believe these weapons will give you much trouble.

The client wants you to coordinate with support units. Battlefield strategy is up to you, of course, but there's no need to be a hero.

That is all.

This a rare chance to improve your relations with Omer Science Technology. Not a bad deal, don't you think?




Serene Haze:Commence mission. Eradicate the enemy fleet and enemy Arms Fort. Use your support. You didn't bring them for sightseeing, right? (If using support)

Serene Haze (If no Support Next selected):Special edition Normal detected. It's equipped with a frontal shield. Don't waste ordinance on that shield. Maneuver behind it and strike the rear hull.

Canis:Ah, Normal troops. I'll take care of these. Sit back, relax and watch me fly.

Dario Empio:Special Edition Normals are still Normals. Why did they hire me for this grunt work? Whatever. Those old fools will owe me after this. What a snore-fest. Beats sitting at home, I guess.

Otsdarva:Ready to go yet? Don't get too nervous now. I'm not babysitting you on this operation.

Otsdarva:Hah, frontal shielding...

Serene Haze:Confirmed. Half the targets have been destroyed.

Dario Empio:Huh. This is a tough one. Bait them out. I'll swing around the back.

Serene Haze:Only a few targets remaining.

Serene Haze:Arms Fort Giga Base identified. It may be a relic, but it's still an Arms Fort. Don't underestimate it.

Serene Haze:Confirmed. Gigabase has been destroyed. Let's clean up the rest and finish this.

Serene Haze:Confirmed, all targets destroyed.. Mission Complete.

Canis:Hah, over already? Calling on me to mop up a bunch of Normals? Who do you think you're talking to?

Dario Empio:Psh, weak as I expected. That was pitifully easy. Barely broke a sweat.

Otsdarva:Looks like mission accomplished. Well, it is what it is.



Armored Core For Answer Clear Former Chinese Shanghai

First off, hiring mercenaries is in fact an optional choice depending on your performance as a pilot. but payoff beneficial and Rank acquirement suggest you will not hire these mercenaries for this part. Equip at least one blade for this mission and a decent over booster (White Glint's core is best if you have it), the rest of the load out is up to you. Move though the buildings taking out the enemies as you go (these are grouped together). A tip for the Normals is that target the buildings they are sitting, on not the Normal itself. The Normal will fall into the sea and die, this saves you some AP as they are pretty heavily armored and the gatling gun can hurt. For Giga Base, once she's in sight, overboost to her and blade, it will only take a few hits before it's completely destroyed. 


Use the same strategy as above for hard mode, just take into account the increased number of enemies. Also, note that Giga Base has fired up its main cannon and will launch powerful shots at you, so use overboost to close in fast and neutralize her ASAP. Just avoid damage by being mobile and staying low (to protect from Normal fire) and if you use a blade ammo costs will be non-existent, so achieving an S rank shouldn't be too hard.