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Support OAE Invasion is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus.

Clear Out Mirage Forces

The Raven being flown into the Mirage Base.


Client: Ravens' Ark

Details: Wreak havoc on the facility and defenders

Advance: 0c

Reward: 65000c

Area: Filtration Plant

Remarks: Destroy a sufficient amount of enemy forces and equipment to earn increase rewards.


  • MT-10-BAT (infinite numbers)
  • AA Missile Batteries


Operator:Your reward for this mission will be based on the number of targets you destroy.

Operator:So there's no need to hold back.

Mirage Unit:Hold your positions!

Operator:Target destruction goal reached. A transport is on the way to retrieve your AC.

Operator:Good work. That should teach Mirage a lesson.


This is a fairly simple mission. You are tasked by Raven's Ark to attack a new Mirage base in a retaliatory strike, for trying to kill you in a mission before. Your only real concern here is taking down some MT-10-BATs that patrol above the facility as you destroy the missile batteries. Just several destroyed launchers will be enough, which can be quickly done with a decently mobile AC that cuts them down with a blade; a quadriped AC will make it even easier. Once you have caused enough damage, the transport will be called for you, and all you will need to do is fending off some BATs while you await pickup. For them you might bring some powerful weapons - such as pulse or laser cannons - that will shoot them down in few shots. The BATs move around a lot, but they are not too aggressive, giving you ample time to gun them down. Even if some land, they will not be much of a problem if you are destroying them fast enough. You might take some AMS measures to make your life easier against their missile barrages. After a longer moment, the transport will arrive, ending the mission automatically.

Hidden Part[]

The bonus Generator part KUJAKU will be awarded to you if you perform well enough. To this end, destroy as much as you can. For instance, a combination of six destroyed missile batteries and seven destroyed BAT MTs was tested to be sufficient to earn KUJAKU as a reward.