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Cold Heart - Emblem
Cold Heart
General information
Classification Human
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Global Cortex
Occupation Raven
Rank E-20
Craft MT The Sun
AC The Sun
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core 3

Cold Heart is an MT pilot, and later Raven appearing in Armored Core 3. He is affiliated with Global Cortex and ranked E-20 in the Arena. He is partnered with Fragile in the Extra Arena and they hold the title of the sixteenth highest ranked team.


Cold Heart was a pilot with considerable combat experience who joined The Raven in facing off against The Controller forces. At the time, he was still an MT pilot, bravely taking on a number of Ball MTs. After a prolonged battle, the two were able to venture further into Ruglen Laboratory, saving Fragile from the Controller AC. He was one of the few Ravens to have ever destroyed a Controller AC. Surviving the battle, Cold Heart then transitioned into becoming a fine AC pilot and assisted The Raven in carrying out a wide variety of missions.


Upon completing the mission Defend Ruglen Laboratory with Cold Heart alive.

Title: Report

"Thanks for your help back at the lab. I can't believe I'm actually a Raven now. So you know, my unit is equipped with shell weapons and would probably fare quite well against opponents that concentrate on warding off energy attacks."


  • Defend Ruglen Laboratory
    • You’re just in time Raven, we need all the help we can get!
    • This area is clear, let’s head in and give the other AC a hand.
    • (If Defeated) Aaagghh!

MT The Sun[]

MT Cold Heart

MT The Sun

An inexpensive unit popular despite both mobility and durability problems. Each of these mass-produced MTs is equipped with a rifle and rocket launcher. They are most effective when bunched in small groups.

MT The Sun Specifications[]

Cold Heart pilots a woodland camouflage Moa MT. Slow to move, and lacking AP, it is only effective when part of a group. Its lack of mobility leads to it being outmatched by faster enemies, and its lack of firepower leads to it being outmatched by heavier enemies.

  • Name: Cold Heart
  • MT Name: The Sun
  • MT Type: Mass-produced Reverse-joint MT
  • Armament/s: Rifle, rocket launcher
  • Armor Points: 2,400
  • Tactical Style: Walk in, stand, shoot.
  • Strengths: Low hiring cost
  • Weaknesses: Confined spaces, mobility, durability, offensive capabilities

AC The Sun[]

AC The Sun

AC The Sun

Much like his old MT, The Sun is a reverse jointed bipedal lightweight model. Its only weapons are the DBZ bazooka arms and the HECTOS large rocket launcher. Although it has excellent mobility with its lightweight frame and devastating power, it is ultimately offset by its rather unfortunately low defense, limited means of attack and low ammunition.



Cold Heart can be hired as a consort; first as an MT pilot and later as an AC pilot in the following missions:

MT The Sun

AC The Sun

In-Game Information[]

Formerly an MT pilot working for Crest, his journey to become a Raven has been both long and arduous. He is still getting accustomed to piloting an AC, but his front line experience and instincts are top notch. He is expected to do well.


Despite being a fairly capable MT pilot, once he becomes a Raven, Cold Heart's skills prove to not be that great on this level. His AC build is closely related to his old MT model, and in result is very unbalanced and traditionalist. To reflect his singlemindedness, he opts for one of the least versatile weapons: bazooka weapon arms combined with a large rocket launcher. While they are highly destructive if you let him get into your face, in all other situations Cold Heart is going to be a pushover. All you need to do is wait out his wildly inaccurate shots - which will take little time - and he will be left at your mercy. This fight is pretty much a repeat of OX, with little differences to speak of - all things considered, Cold Heart is not a better pilot than OX. On a final note, Cold Heart is not seen using his back booster at all, further putting his AC building ability into question.