Confrontation is the eleventh mission in Armored Core: Project Phantasma. A remake of this mission is also found in Armored Core: Nexus Revolution disc.


Requester: Sumika

Reward: 50000

Location: North Highland

Mission: Destroy Phantasma

Mission Place: "Nord" Highland

Mission Code Name: Chivalry

Start Time: 1500


We have determined that Stinger is behind the new Phantasma weapons
system. He has been seen hiding with some remaining Doomsday
Organization officials in The North Highland.

We're not sure what the purpose of Project Phantasms is, but in the
hands of Stinger, we are all in extreme danger.

Completely destroy all aspects of the Project Phantasma operation.




<Communication>: "We have arrived at the mission location. We will drop off the AC’s and then leave the area."

<Stinger>: "When will you cease to be an annoyance?"

<Stinger>: "I… I cannot believe I have been defeated. I killed him… I killed him."


Armored Core Project Phantasma Confrontation

Armored Core Project Phantasma Confrontation

This is a bit of tricky level, as the map itself is quite bright and can make it very difficult to spot targets. It is best to jump up or fly up slightly to find and lock on to a target. The enemies in this level are quite durable so bring weapons with high attack power. Do note that you will have to face Stinger (who is piloting a Prototype Phantasma unit instead of his usual Vixen AC) so do not waste all of your ammo on the enemies during the first part. If possible, bring along a blade to deal with some of them, most likely against the Sargarmatha MTs as they are essentially sitting ducks and blading fodder.

Once all of the MTs are taken care of, Stinger appears, albeit in a yellow Prototype Phantasma unit rather than his usual AC Vixen. However, this unit is relatively weak, using high power weapons such as missiles or the Karasawa or the Finger can put it down very easily. Highly mobile ACs will also be able to evade most of his shots as well. However, do take note that this unit hits quite hard against heavy enemies as it has a rapid fire plasma cannon which it will use if you are too slow to keep up with it. It's better recommended to use lighter ACs against it.


  • Stinger pilots the Prototype Phantasma.
  • Stinger's last line indicates his progressive loss of his sanity at the frustration of being repeatedly defeated by The Raven.
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