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The Contaminated Area is a portion of Armored Core V populated primarily by Migrants and, as its name suggests, devastated by war. Being a large desert region, the Contaminated Area has many destroyed and abandoned buildings, and The Corporation's weapons haunt the area. Some parts of the Contaminated Area suffer from massive storm systems, with gargantuan tornadoes raging nonstop against the yellow sky.


The Contaminated Area appears in the northern part of Armored Core V's world map and several sections are shown to have a constant rain (although this may be due to the way the map was designed). Like other former battlefields in the Armored Core series, the area is littered with landmines. They are quite easy to destroy and only deal comparatively minor damage - however, they do stagger the player's Armored Core.


  • In Mission 03, L.L.L. is seen in the background. In other areas (typically after Mission 03) the player can see the husk of L.L.L. split into two (possibly multiple) parts after its destruction.