Controller Agents are special ACs seen in Armored Core 3.

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Two Controller Agents seen in Infiltrate Layered Hub.


Appearing in various missions throughout Layered, Controller Agents are seemingly unmanned ACs commanded by the Controller itself. They began to appear just as Crest was preparing to finish off Union, dealing heavy damage to both sides. These units started attacking all of the corporations indiscriminately, damaging Layered. Although outwardly similar to regular ACs, it is noted by the Raven's Operator Laine Meyers, that they reached a level of performance greatly surpassing the common AC.

Different versions of the Agents are seen throughout the game, but they all have the same basic color and carry the Controller's emblem as well. They also share the same head and core parts. After the Controller is destroyed, it is assumed that any remaining units shut down and remained inactive.

List of ACsEdit

Defend Ruglen LabEdit

Defend Ruglen Laboratory - Controller AC

The Controller AC that attacks Fragile in Ruglen Laboratory.

The very first Controller Agent is found during an incident at Ruglen Laboratory. It is a middleweight equipped with very powerful weaponry which includes a laser rifle, laser blade, a back grenade launcher and an orbit cannon. This combined with an EO core allow for it to take on multiple opponents with ease. Because the consorts provided are part of the story, you may lose both Fragile and Cold Heart if you are not fast enough in destroying it.

Defend Ruglen Lab - Controller AC Parts

Defend Energy ReactorEdit

Defend Energy Reactor - Controller AC

The Controller AC that appears to have infiltrated the Union Energy Reactor.

Another Controller Agent is found during the incident at the Energy Reactor. It is a middleweight AC equipped with powerful weaponry that includes laser cannon arms, a back pulse cannon and a back large rocket. With the addition of an EO core, it is able to hold its own in a confined space.

Defend Energy Reactor - Controller AC Parts

Infiltrate Layered HubEdit

These two ACs serve as the final boss, of sorts, for Armored Core 3. Both of them feature the OP-INTENSIFY optional part and this makes them rather deadly opponents. However the room itself provides a lot of cover and with powerful weapons, coupled with the fact that both use entry-level boosters, both of them can fall rather easily.

Infiltrate Layered Hub - Controller AC 1

Controller AC #1

Parts (Agent 1)Edit

Parts (Agent 2)Edit

Infiltrate Layered Hub - Controller AC 2

Controller AC #2.


  • Similar versions appear in Armored Core: Silent Line called Big Whites and are later shown to be under the command of IBIS, the controller of the second Layered. These units differ in that they have entirely custom weapons and parts that cannot be acquired by the player and also demonstrated surprising mobility for their size.


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