AC Core

A Core in the first Armored Core game

An essential unit of an Armored Core, the Core contains most of the AP of an AC and also comes with many features.

Overview Edit

The Core is the 'torso' of the mech. It is the 'Armored Core' from which the mech and the game series take their name. The human pilot sits inside the core.

The Core holds all AC parts together. Thus, unlike a destroyed head, arm, or leg which only reduce an AC's performance upon destruction and will not result in a mission failure, the destruction of the Core would lead to the AC's complete destruction and a mission failed. On all Armored Core timelines, a rigid and complete standard has been set on cores connection technology.

This has made the Cores come in different weights to suit different styles of ACs; the lighter ones are less well protected but more suitable for more mobile ACs. Similarly, there are highly defensive heavyweight cores.

Cores contain a number of slots into which Optional Parts can be placed to improve its operation. Also, some cores have built-in anti-missile systems. These come in the form of a single-barrel situated at the front center of the core that fires a guided beam of energy that shoots down incoming missiles. Generator, FCS, and prime booster are also placed in a core.


  • Overboost (Armored Core 2 onward): a high powered booster system that operates in combination with the external or leg based booster of an AC. When activated, it allows the player's AC to move at amazingly high speeds, but can only be used to move forward, left, right, or diagonally left or right at a forward angle, backward movement is impossible. While it offers a tremendous amount of extra speed, Over Boosting both drains energy very quickly and causes a massive increase in the core's heat level when initially used. These two factors heavily limit the amount of time an Over Boost function can be used. As of Armored Core 4, Over Boosters have become a separate, equipable part for every AC rather than a feature of certain Cores.
  • Exceed Orbit (Armored Core 3 to Last Raven): Exceed Orbit (EO) cores contain one or more orbital pods that can be deployed to hover above the AC and retracted at will. They automatically target and shoot enemies. The rate of fire, power, and field of vision for EO pods varies from model to model. For EO pods with energy weapons, the ammunition supply gradually regenerates when not in use. Two important factors that limit Exceed Orbit usage are the small amounts of added heat that occur whenever an EO pod is deployed, as well as the energy drain from the pod firing. EO Cores with solid ammo do not suffer from an energy drain while firing but their ammo cannot be replenished once depleted. EO's are not featured in Armored Core 4.
  • Hanger Unit (Armored Core: Nexus onward): any core with this unit can hold one spare piece of equipment for each hand. Only small weapons can be stored inside this unit, for example, a hand gun is a light weapon and grenade launchers are not. Some cores are equipped with both Over Boost and Hanger functions but there are no Exceed Orbit cores with Hangers. In Armored Core 4, all ACs are equipped with a hanger function, and it is suggested that the weapons are actually stored in the legs. This is because while the "small weapons" rule still applies to most leg types, the large, tank type legs are able to store any arm weapon.
  • Primal Armor (Armored Core 4 onward): An energy shield powered by Kojima Particles (KP). Called PA for short, it reduces the damage that most weapons inflict on an AC. It is most effective at longer ranges and against shell weapons, since energy weapons have a greater ability to penetrate PA (PA piercing). However, solid weapons cause much more damage to KP (PA reduction), and can destroy PA shields (PA breaking), which leaves an AC with greatly reduced defensive capability. Beyond solid weapons breaking technique, and energy weapons piercing technique, there is a class of weapon known as Kojima weapons. There both pierce and reduce PA, and can destroy an AC in a single shot, but they need time to charge up, and draw energy from the PA of the AC wielding them, which can hurt defense. A similar ability has previously been seen on the Airborne Pulverizer in Armored Core: Last Raven. The waste emitted by Kojima Particles is a chemical and radiological hazard.
  • Quick Boost (Armored Core 4 onward): Known as QB, this system is a function of normal boosters, that greatly increases their power and energy drain for brief moments. QB is mainly used for avoiding attacks, but it can also be used to move quickly through an area. Combined with Overboost, AC's can reach speeds approaching Mach 1.5. This ability was allowed previously only via an extension part, which also limited sudden boosts to basic directions such as forward, backward, left/right, left/right (strafe), and in whichever direction the core faces when activated.


Pilot Core ACV

The internal core layout of an Armored Core V-era AC

Pilot Core LR

The internal core layout of an Armored Core 3 to Armored Core Last Raven-era AC

The Core of an AC usually contains the pilot's cockpit, although this space is presumably replaced with a computer system in unmanned ACs.

In all ACs prior to Armored Core V, the cockpit lacks a way for the pilot to abandon his craft in an emergency. As a result, the pilot usually went down with his AC when an engagement goes awry. From Armored Core V onward, the cockpit comes equipped with an emergency jet-pack and a personal sidearm.

List of CoresEdit

A list of Core parts by organized game

Armored CoreEdit

Armored Core: Project PhantasmaEdit

Armored Core Master of Arena Edit

Armored Core 2Edit

Armored Core 3Edit

Part ID PriceWeightEN DrainUnlockedNotes
CCM-00-STO 61,000C11051043 Starting PartCrest's general purpose model.
MCM-MX/002 80,000C10161100 ShopMirage's standard, high-AP model.
CCL-01-NER 88,000C7881310 ShopPowerful OB thrust, but lacks defense.
MCL-SS/ORCA 114,000C8901553 ShopMany option slots and very expandable.
CCH-0V-IKS 139,000C1502879 ShopProvides exceptional AP and DEF.
MCH-MX/GRP 72,000C1378992 ShopHeavy model stressing AP and DEF.

Silent Line: Armored CoreEdit

Part ID PriceWeightEN DrainUnlockedNotes
CCM-00-STO 61,000C11051043 Starting PartCrest's general purpose model.
MCM-MX/002 80,000C10161100 ShopMirage's standard, high-AP model.
MCM-MI/008 115,000C10001255 All Mirage MissionsModerate OB energy consumption.
CCM-0V-AXE 78,000C12971120 Destroy AI PrototypeRigged with a solid ammo EO function.
CCL-01-NER 88,000C7881310 ShopPowerful OB thrust, but lacks defense.
MCL-SS/ORCA 114,000C8901095 ShopMany option slots and very expandable.
MCL-SS/RAY 94,000C8221273 Arena - Shade Exceptional OB speed performance.
CCL-02-E1 102,000C9101449 All Crest Missions Streamlined offensive model core.
CCH-0V-IKS 139,000C1502992 ShopProvides exceptional AP and DEF.
MCH-MX/GRP 72,000C1378779 ShopHeavy model stressing AP and DEF.
MCH-MX/GROA 90,000C1322973 Accompany Air Transports Well-rounded, heavy-armor model.
CCH-04-EOC 84,000C1492889 Attack Unexplored Region Long-range EO attack capability.

Armored Core: NexusEdit

Armored Core: Nine BreakerEdit

Armored Core Last RavenEdit

Part ID PriceWeightEN DrainUnlockedNotes
CR-C69U Free8741094DefaultFirst generation model. Weapon storage capability provided.
C01-GAEA 62200c13881371ShopFirst generation Mirage model with built-in energy EO.
CR-C75U2 67500c1035925ShopExcellently balanced core model with built-in weapon storage.
RAKAN 87770c8331091ShopKisaragi core design featuring a high power OB function.
C04-ATLAS 128000c11821205ShopCore design that includes both OB and weapon storage functions.
CR-C89E 139300c14051082ShopCore model equipped with a solid round EO function.
CR-C90U3 169900c11161124ShopFourth generation basic core design. Weapon storage provided.
CR-C06U5 170000c12311482Shutdown InternecineCore model with high DEF ratings and weapon storage capability.
CR-YC03U4 122000c11091368Destroy The InternecineEnd result of Crest's redesign of the CR-C06U5 core model.
C02-URANUS 70000c10951342ShopSecond generation core design. Energy-based EO function.
C03-HELIOS 80000c9451344ShopCore model specially designed for highly mobile combat.
CR-C84O/UL 131000c9891183ShopLightweight OB model with built-in weapon storage.
YC07-CRONUS 160000c7601191ShopLightweight core model with weapon storage capability.
CR-C98E2 188000c11131221ShopState-of-the-art design based on the C89E core model.
CR-YC99UL 88000c809192Destroy The Control TowersPrototype model with a low equip weight and respectable stats.
CR-YC010/UL2 89000c8971294VR Arena (Rank 1)Core part specifically designed to reduce OB energy consumption.
YC08-ICURUS 110000c10021404Destroy Transport ConvoyPrototype OB model designed to balance DEF and mobility stats.
CR-C77O/U 85000c1321923ShopHeavily armored, multi-function core design.
CR-C83UA 99000c1245786ShopHeavily armored core model with excellent AP and defense.
C05-SELENA 145000c1622935ShopThird generation model equipped with a high power EO function.
C06-EOS 150000c1404878ShopHeavy armor core type. Equips a high power OB function.

Armored Core 4Edit

Part ID PriceWeightEN DrainUnlockedNotes
047AN01 545000c28702470ShopMiddleweight part with a focus on defense.
C01-TELLUS 575000c33602150ShopHeavyweight EN-efficient part with good EN defense.
SALAUX-CORE 540000c20702230ShopLightest weight core on the market, designed for melee.
GAN01-SS-C 530000c35802380ShopSolid, heavy-armor part known for resistance to ammunition.
CR-HOGIRE 540000c26102670ShopMiddleweight part with impressive, balanced specs.
03-ALIYA/C 575000c22802940ShopLightweight part for PA use designed for speedy combat.

Armored Core: For AnswerEdit

Part ID PriceWeightEN DrainUnlockedPart Description
GAN02-NSS-C 200000c31352387ShopNEW-SUNSHINE's core part. Often called GA's masterpiece.
047AN01 300000c28722470ShopMiddleweight part with a focus on defense.
063AN01 400000c29212455ShopBFF's latest core part designed for offensive ACs. Provides good defense.
C01-TELLUS 160000c33642150ShopHeavyweight EN-efficient part with good EN defense.
CR-HOGIRE 240000c26122670ShopMiddleweight part with impressive, balanced specs.
CR-LANCEL 120000c23612615ShopNew standard core parts drawing from HOGIRE. Lighter than old models.
EKHAZAR-CORE 120000c22722324ShopMiddleweight part designed for three dimensional combat.
03-AALIYAH/C 500000c22822940ShopLightweight part for PA use designed for speedy combat.
WHITE-GLINT/CORE 700000c22292357Defend Line ArkDesigned by a genius architect. Switches to fly mode when using OB.
C11-LATONA 400000c21431993ShopLightweight part developed on the TELLUS concept.
CR-LAHIRE 500000c18512596ShopOld Rayleonard technology. Omer's latest part. Boasts excellent air power.
SOLUH-CORE 120000c20682230ShopLightweight part for mobile close range combat. Old, but a good rep.
XCR-SOBRERO 600000c20152683ShopCore part designed for air combat. Used in Aspine's craft, SOBRERO.
GAN01-SS-C 200000c35772380ShopSolid, heavy armor part known for resistance to ammunition.
SOLDNER-G8C 160000c36552418ShopAldra's first original frame. An extremely heavy armored core part.
ARGYROS/C 500000c36682538ShopTORUS' prototype frame. Employs Kojima technology from Sol Dios.

Armored Core VEdit

Part ID PriceWeightEN DrainUnlockedNotes
D/UCR-10 Free722805DefaultKE resist type.
OSTARA CR113 76000Au681699 ---KE resist type.
UCR-10/I 82000Au688762 ---KE resist type.
JOTUN CR113-2 112000Au803886 ---KE resist type.
SURT CR114 125000Au724688 ---KE resist type.
WODAN CR110 128000Au576678 ---KE resist type.
UCR-10/A 133000Au764854 ---KE resist type.
UCR-10/L AGNI 105000Au613711 ---KE resist type.
D/CR210 Free10021003DefaultCE resist type.
ARES CR211 70000Au881948 ---CE resist type.
KT-303/YINGLONG 70000Au1038891 ---CE resist type.
ZEUS CR210 120000Au961921 ---CE resist type.
HERMES CR212 120000Au7181082 ---CE resist type.
KT-302 120000Au1439881 ---CE resist type.
KT-304/XIEZHI 120000Au836848 ---CE resist type.
D/KT-103 Free1253873DefaultTE resist type.
KT-103 80000Au1158901 ---TE resist type.
UCR-25/A DURGA 74000Au1362822 ---TE resist type.
KT-104/PERUN 120000Au1098815 ---TE resist type.
KT-106/DAZHBOG 126000Au1212846 ---TE resist type.
KT-105 123000Au1328976 ---TE resist type.
UCR-25 110800Au1636898 ---TE resist type.
UCR-25/D RATRI 130000Au1307782 ---TE resist type.

Armored Core: Verdict DayEdit

Part ID PriceWeightEN DrainUnlockedNotes
CA-215  ?764854?KE resist type.
CB-209  ?883936?KE resist type.
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