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Crest's Data Storage Facility is a location in Armored Core 3. It is found in the 2nd Layer: Waste Disposal section of Layered. This appears to be the central Crest data facility and is heavily protected by AI MTs and considerable security measures such as infrared tripwire lasers.


Crest's Data Storage Facility

Inside the Facility

Crest's Data Storage Facility appears to share a similar layout to other Crest facilities in terms of a numbered sector layout. It becomes a point of attack for Union forces seeking to obtain information which could be used against the Controller. The Raven infiltrates the facility and helps hack into Crest's main computer. This location is also the site of an assault by a coalition of Union and Mirage forces seeking to take over the site and destroying the power generators.

Crest's Data Storage Facility is an area of combat in the following mission: