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Crezner is an AI Ranker in the Last Raven VR Arena. Its rank is 10th.

AC Broken Stone[]

Heavyweight, tank-leg AC bristling with a wide selection of hard-hitting weapons. Lack of mobility is offset by unit's exceptional firepower.


The only thing you should be thinking once you fight him: dodge. His weapons are hard hitting and if you get hit, you'll get fried. The one BIGGEST disadvantage is that he's slow. It's easy to fly over him and blade him from the back. Just be sure to avoid his EO shots as he turns. If you get to close in front of him, there's a chance he'll nick you with a shot from his slug gun, which will result in high damage and heat. To finish him off quickly, use a quick AC with a parrying blade (the ENMA is highly recommended) and a laser blade to finish him off. Using each in conjunction will cause him to lose AP from heat and continuous damage. A safe way to defeat him is to use micro missiles. Stay at a proper range and keep pouring missiles at him. Don't forget the FUNI extensions. He'll fall easily if you do it correctly.



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