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Crow is a Raven who appears in Armored Core: Nexus. He played an important role in Armored Core: Last Raven. He is ranked 6th in the Armored Core: Nexus Arena


For all intents and purposes, Crow is considered Jack-O's right hand man. Being the most trusted of Jack's Raven, he manages Vertex's day to day affairs and is considered the de facto leader whenever Jack is unavailable. On the battlefield, he is considered among the best, a veteran with more combat experience than any Raven out there and therefore extremely dangerous. He makes an appearance in 'Destroy AC Sight Hawk" as well as 'Shutdown Defense Systems". He ends up being one of the last Ravens killed in most endings.

AC Sight HawkEdit


AC Sight Hawk as seen in Last Raven.

Crow's AC, Sight Hawk, is a lightweight craft built for fast-paced aerial combat. Its superb mobility makes it difficult to track during pitched battles. This is made especially difficult due to its long flight time as well as its choice of weapons, which allow it to do both high damage and heat and engage at multiple ranges.

In Nexus, Sight Hawk is a lightweight AC equipped with anti-missile extensions, a micro missile launcher, a middle rocket launcher, a laser rifle and a machine gun as its main weapons. The unit is also overweight, but due to the unit using OP-I it renders the overweight status a nonissue.

In Last Raven, Sight Hawk is also a lightweight AC (sharing the same frame it had in Nexus), albeit with some slight changes to its weapon loadout. While retaining the same primary arm weapon combinations (the laser rifle and machine gun, although they have now switched places), the unit has removed the anti-missile extensions and instead of the middle rocket launcher it used in Nexus, it is using a triple rocket launcher instead. Sight Hawk still has the same micro missile launcher on the left back shoulder slot however.


His mobility poses a problem, and his armament can heat up your AC quickly, as well as packing a surprising amount of power. A tactic that works for most ACs, including Sight Hawk, is a high AP tank craft with the Large Aperture Laser Cannon. get in a few hits, and he's gone. In the mission "Shutdown Defense Systems", it is much easier to defeat him, given the area where you will fight him. Just build a highly mobile AC with a laser blade. Get to the top of any building and let him follow you. Corner him and you can just blade him to death.

Another strategy to defeat him in the "Shutdown Defense Systems" mission is to use high firepower weapons such as Laser Cannon, dual grenade launcher, and blades. Once he appears in the mission, make your way near the exit point at the tunnel and from there, he will get stuck in front of you and that's where you give him with all you've got. You will destroy him instantly





Armored Core: Last Raven PortableEdit


  • Crow is an entirely optional enemy in "Shutdown Defense Systems." If the player escapes without destroying all the MTs, they will not encounter him. Alternatively, if they do destroy them and do not escape quickly, he will appear, but even then the player has the option of simply reaching the escape point.
  • His arm weapons change places in Last Raven
  • Voice Actor Ueda Yoji provided Crow's voice in the original Japanese version.
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