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D (emblem)
General information
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Reaper Squad
The Foundation
Occupation AC Pilot
Rank Reaper Squad: Reaper Two
Craft AC R.I.P.2/D
Eras present Verdict War
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core: Verdict Day

D is a pilot appearing in Armored Core: Verdict Day. He is one of the AC pilots working for the Reaper Squad, where he has the title of "Reaper Two". Much like the other Reapers, D takes delight in warfare and enjoys fighting. His AC, R.I.P.2/D, is a tank-leg craft that carries heavy firepower.


Under J's order, D and four Reaper Squad UNACs aid the Lone Mercenary in taking down a battalion of rogue Sirius Corporation UNACs shortly after the mercenary's ally Erik is defeated. While entering the fray by chopper, D compliments the Lone Mercenary for previously defeating N. The mercenary's Operator, Magnolia Curtis speculates that Reaper Squad was waiting for either the Lone Mercenary or Erik to be defeated. Reaper Squad and the Lone Mercenary fight waves of UNACs, and once D's mission is complete, Reaper Squad are extracted by J.[1]

Story mission 8

AC R.I.P.2/D (middle) and a pair of Reaper Squad arrive at the battlefield

D and two Reaper Squad UNACs later participate in the Foundation's ambush of the Lone Mercenary. Entering the combat zone only after K's defeat, D praises the mercenary for defeating her, then says that it is D's calling to defeat him. The Reapers are eventually defeated, which is then followed by the arrival of M who ultimately retreats after being overwhelmed by the Lone Mercenary as well.[2]


"Mission 06: Blue Magnolia"[]

  • "Well fought, mercenary. So it was you who defeated N. You may well be worthy of selection"
  • "Affirmative. All units, attack. Annihilate the enemy UNACs."

"Mission 08: Vendetta"[]

  • "And now K falls too, a truly worthy foe...."
  • "I will stop at nothing to defeat you! That is my calling!"

AC R.I.P.2/D[]

R.I.P.2/D is a tank AC built for firepower. Like most Tank ACs, it packs high-power main weaponry, such as an Auto-Cannon and Cannon, both of which are high-power KE weapons. D equips a Rifle and a Sniper Rifle as its bay units. All his weapons have a large ammo capacity, so they are suited for prolonged battles. The AC also makes the use of VTF Missiles linked with an FCS with a large quantity of Missile-Locks. These parts make it possible for D to combine suppressive fire with deadly missile attacks. R.I.P.2/D has high TE defense and AP, but is vulnerable to KE and CE weapons.

Classification: Armored Core

Assembly Type


KE: 1740
CE: 1539
TE: 3204


Head: Hd-G-A88
Core: CB-209
Arms: AGEMAKI mdl.3
Legs: LTB-105

FCS: Fs-L-E28
Generator: MAKIBASHIRA mdl.3
Booster: N/A
Recon Unit: ASATORI mdl.1

Shoulder Unit: SAZANAMI mdl.1
R Arm Unit: Au-H-B08

Power: -
Rapid Fire: -
Accuracy: -

L Arm Unit: AM/CAA-303

Power: -
Rapid Fire: -
Accuracy: -

Ultimate Weapon: -
R Bay Unit: KUMORIYO mdl.1

Power: 2348
Rapid Fire: 332
Accuracy: 97

L Bay Unit: ISONOKAMI mdl.2

Power: 2348
Rapid Fire: 332
Accuracy: 97

Total Weight:
Recoil Resistance:
Turning Performance:
Energy Recovery:
Repair Cost:

AP: 43402
Total Load:
Loading Capacity:
Total EN Consumption:
EN Output:



Main: 30, 30, 30

Sub 1: 0, 0, 0

Sub 2: 150, 15, 15

Glow: 255, 0, 0


Main: 0, 0, 0

Sub 1: 120, 5, 5

Sub 2: 40, 40, 40

Glow: 255, 0, 0


Main: 0, 0, 0

Sub 1: 40, 40, 40

Sub 2: 130, 10, 10

Glow: 255, 0, 0


Main: 40, 40, 40

Sub 1: 0, 0, 0

Sub 2: 150, 15, 15

Glow: 255, 0, 0


Main: 40, 40, 40

Sub 1: 150, 15, 15

Sub 2: 0, 0, 0

Glow: 255, 0, 0


Main: 40, 40, 40

Sub 1: 0, 0, 0

Sub 2: 150, 15, 15

Glow: 255, 0, 0


D appears as an NPC in Armored Core: Verdict Day. He appears in the missions "Mission 06: Blue Magnolia" and "Mission 08: Vendetta".

In "Mission 06: Blue Magnolia", D and four Reaper Squad UNACs will appear shortly after Erik is defeated in a cutscene. In this mission, D and his Reaper Squad UNACs are friendly NPCS, assisting the player in defeating the hostile rogue UNACs. It is possible for him to be defeated in the mission; however, he will not die, and he will bitterly state that he is pulling out.

In "Mission 08: Vendetta", D and two Reaper Squad UNACs appear as hostile NPCs. They enter the mission once K is defeated by the player.


The following information is "gray area" content — it may not be completely factual, and/or falls under YMMV territory.

D shows up after K is defeated. During the battle, he is accompanied by two UNACs. You can easily defeat D if you use powerful KE or CE weapons on him, but his UNACs are vulnerable to TE and CE weapons. Like most Tank ACs, D packs powerful main weaponry, in this case an Auto-Cannon and Cannon (both of which are powerful KE type weapons). On top of that, he also makes the use of VTF Missiles, linked up with an FCS which has a large quantity of Missile-Locks. Meaning it's possible for him to use his Auto-Cannon as a distraction whilst he fires his missiles off at you and maybe rip into your armor with his Cannon. It is recommended that you use as much cover as possible when facing him in order to avoid being heavily damaged by him.

His UNACs aren't very heavily armored, but if you're not careful, you can get seriously hurt by them. It is recomended that you either practice fighting multiple enemies on earlier missions or that you either have a UNAC or a merc accompanying you for this battle.



  • Siliconera's description of D in a pre-release article of Armored Core: Verdict Day:
This one is a veteran soldier-style male pilot who seems to always appear along with subordinates. He believes that victory is everything, no matter how you obtain it.[3]
  • In "Mission 06: Blue Magnolia", D is seen accompanied by four UNACs, while in "Mission 08: Vendetta" there are only two that join him in battle.
  • D follows the naming scheme of the Reapers, where each member's name consists only of a single letter presumably taken from the first letter of their given names. D is the fourth letter of the basic modern Latin alphabet. His AC, R.I.P.2/D, represents his rank within the Reaper Squad, Reaper Two.


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