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Massive MT side view AC3

The Massive MT as a whole

D-C001 G and F are the names of the Massive MT seen in Destroy Massive MT in Armored Core 3.



One of the penultimate bosses of Armored Core 3, the D-C001 G and F were a massive floating MT was deployed by the Controller to destroy an energy reactor. It was a hover type MT that consisted of two pieces: a larger main section and a smaller part. It was destroyed by a Raven before it could reach its destination.

Large Part (D-C001G)[]

The main part of Ofanim, the Large Part is the body of the weapon and has extremely high defensive and offensive capabilities; it is very slow, but compsnsates for this with its weapons. Its main weapons are quad Pursuit and Large Missile launchers, weapons that can deal large amounts of damage to an AC along with twin Laser Cannons on the body of the MT. When this part is destroyed, the mission will be complete.


  • Large Missiles
  • Pursuit Missiles
  • Laser Cannons

Small Part (D-C001F)[]

Splitting off from the Large Part after the latter takes some damage, the Small Part resembles a floating cannon and is indeed equipped with two dual firing grenade launchers. This part isn't a necessary target for completing the mission and loops around the mission area often times going out of bounds before coming back in.


  • Dual burst Grenade cannons


  • "Ofanim" is another word for Ophanim which is the plural form of Ophan. An Ophan is one of a class of celestial beings called Ophanim with the Cherubim and Seraphim as never sleeping, but watching (or guarding) the throne of God.
  • In Japan, it is usually referred as "Lord Big Buddha" among fans.
  • In order to get the "enable cannon fire without kneeling" function of OP-INTENSIFY, you must destroy the small section of the Massive MT.