D. Sebastian is a Raven in Armored Core 2. His rank is #4 in the Arena.

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A lightweight, highly mobile AC capable of lightning fast attacks. The pilot is a skilled tactician and is well regarded among his peers.

AC CrescendoEdit

Crescendo is a lightweight bipedal AC equipped with anti missile extensions, a triple rocket launcher, a plasma cannon, a machine gun, a laser blade and an overboost core. Due to the Human PLUS enhancements of the pilot the unit can fire blade waves and fire the back mounted plasma cannon while moving. It is also capable of ignoring weight restrictions.


This guy is fairly dangerous, ironically less so than Lion Heart due to his high speed. His Plasma Cannon can deal massive damage and the machine gun can quickly overheat an AC with prolonged fire something that it is easy to do. It is fairly fragile but don't expect all of your shots to hit, D. Sebastian is very mobile. He is also a flier so keeping him contained in The Caves is fairly easy to do...



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