Daemon - Emblem

Daemon's Emblem

Daemon is an AI Ranker in the Last Raven VR Arena and holds the position #1.

AC LuciferEdit

AC Lucifer

AC Lucifer

Red and black middleweight, two-leg AC design with an overall high level of performance. The unit's close range aerial combat ability is exceptional.

The unit is equipped with a machine gun, energy machine gun, back mounted linear guns, inside ECM makers and a solid shell EO core. Fighting style is categorized as fast and aggressive, combining the machine guns and EO for a close range onslaught and switching to linear guns to deal massive damage. The unit has OP-INTENSIFY, and can stay airborne for long periods of time without landing.


Of all opponents faced in the game, Daemon is possibly one of the hardest to beat, ranking a little lower than ultimate Zinaida and the Super Aerial Pulverizer without proper skill.

The unit's main threat lies in its 2 back-mounted linearguns which he will repeatedly use to hammer you down at close range, not to mention he is extremely aggressive and fast and he wastes no time in getting up close to blasting you in your face. The linearguns, although not possessing much damage power, has deadly stun effect and relatively quick fire rate. Combined with the NIX machine gun and his EO, his linearguns can easily shred tons of AP even from heavily armored tank ACs. The stun effect from the linearguns will also inhibit your AC from moving and this is where the main threat lies, as Daemon will repeatedly spam his lineargun shots to keep you from moving and continually hammer you down until you're dead.

The most important thing when facing this guy is speed. Speed is the only way to avoid his lineargun shots and be able to pace up with his attacks. One thing to note is that he likes to circle you at close-range whilst gunning you down backing down will help greatly as his weapons are geared for close-range, keeping away will hurt a little less. He also likes to go airborne at times, so you must be able to keep track of him on your radar.

Since Daemon is going to continually hammer you down till you die, it's best to do the same against him; end the fight quickly. If you're planning on facing him while backpedalling away, bring weapons geared for mid-to-long range such as rifles, laser rifles or linear rifles. Or if you plan on circle strafing him at close range (this tactic is only viable if your AC is mobile enough to dodge his lineargun shots) weapons like machine guns can take him down quickly.

If planning to face Daemon via either backpedaling or circling, it is advisable to have an AC with a top speed of AT LEAST 390mph, and ideally well into the 400s range. Otherwise, you may find it pretty much impossible to dodge his linear cannon shots, and he will therefore close the distance and then overwhelm you. That being said, it is definitely plausible to bring in heavier ACs with more weaponry and still defeat Daemon - so long as you drop off all of the longer ranged weaponry you may have brought before he's in his firing range.

As crazy as Daemon may see, it's important to note that Daemon is predictable; he is likely to fire his linear cannon 3-4 times before switching to his not-so accurate en machine gun. Then shortly after, he will switch back and repeat. Understanding this pattern and playing around it will give you much better windows of when you can start trying to retreat as fast as you can (as opposed to trying to dodge the rifle shots). Using this window to make distance between you and Daemon is crucial, as his level of threat drops dramatically in the mid-long ranges. Also, since Daemon is on the fragile side, what weapons you intend to use when backpedling do not have to have very high ammunition.


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