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Dario Empio Emblem
Dario Empio
General information
Classification Lynx
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Collared
Rank 11
Craft NEXT Transcend
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core: For Answer
Voice actor Liam O'Brien (ENG)
Tsuguo Mogami (JAP)

Dario Empio is a Lynx that appears in Armored Core: For Answer. He is ranked #11 in Collared.

In-Game Biography[]

This Rosenthal Lynx has made his name known in recent years. He's ambitious and power hungry, and not afraid to show it. Transcend is based on new standard model LANCEL parts and features a wide array of weaponry, making it quite versatile.

In-Game Consort Biography[]

One Lynx who has quickly risen in rank. His eagerness can lead to impatience, so be careful.


Ambitious in his desires, Dario Empio tends to be portrayed as an arrogant and impatient Lynx pilot. On missions where he assists The Raven, he constantly looks down on opponents and their ability. What serves as the most concrete representation of this is when Gerald Gendlin is defeated in the mission Attack on Arteria Carpals. While having had the opportunity to assist his fellow Rosenthal pilot, Dario Empio instead chooses to let him be defeated to steal a victory. If The Raven follows the ORCA path, he is defeated there soon afterwards. Otherwise, it can be predicted that Dario Empio went on to continue to be a Collared Lynx Pilot.

NEXT Transcend[]

NEXT Schematic ACFA Transcend

NEXT Transcend

Transcend is based on the new standard model LANCEL type parts. it is equipped with a laser rifle, laser blade, chain gun, and laser cannon. He also has a back-up weapon which is a pulse gun which shoots 10 shots at the time. As such, it is well rounded, and can perform satisfactory in most circumstances.


  • Head Stabilizers
    • Head Top: HD-LANCEL-OPT01
    • Head R Side: None
    • Head L Side: None
  • Core Stabilizers
    • Core R Upper: None
    • Core L Upper: None
    • Core R Lower: None
    • Core L Lower: None
  • Arm Stabilizers
    • Arm Right: None
    • Arm Left: None
  • Leg Stabilizers
    • Legs Back: None
    • Legs R Upper: None
    • Legs L Upper: None
    • Legs R Middle: None
    • Legs L Middle: None
    • Legs R Lower: None
    • Legs L Lower: None


Basically, stay at medium to long range, and use high-damage weaponry to defeat him. He can damage your NEXT badly with his wide arsenal of weapons. another tactic is to just use a tank NEXT, and grenade him to death. In "Attack on Arteria Carpals" on hard mode, Dario is the second NEXT that appears after Noblesse Oblige. Just as you defeated Gerald, use two back mounted fully charged Kojima cannons, and you will kill him without a problem.


  • Clear Former Chinese Shanghai
    • Special Edition Normals are still Normals. Why did they hire me for this grunt work? Whatever. Those old fools will owe me after this. What a snore-fest. Beats sitting at home, I guess.
    • Huh. This is a tough one. Bait them out. I'll swing around the back.
    • Psh, weak as I expected. That was pitifully easy. Barely broke a sweat.
  • Defeat Unknown NEXT
    • An Irregular? Looks like many of Collared's NEXTS have gone down here. Hmph. This won't be a waste of time after all.
    • What, you're done already? (Laughs)
    • (When taken too much damage) Curses, I can't take much more of this!
    • I'm pulling out, you can handle this solo right?
    • I'm tired of cleaning up after people.
  • Attack on Arteria Carpals
    • Gerald, you've failed. Unsurprisingly. All that talk of duty...just talk huh? (Laughs) Never mind. I'll clean up this mess for you.
    • All those victories... they all led to this? Remember my words Lynx. Your day will come, sooner or later...



  • His AC's designer Floyd Shannon also designed Savage Beast and Celebrity Ash. All 3 NEXTs utilize Rosenthal parts.
  • In the mission "Defeat Unknown NEXT" he uttered "I'm pulling out, you can handle this solo right?" whereas the subtitles said, "I'm pulling back, think you can handle this on your own?"
  • Ironically, his name have opposite definitions, Dario means "Good will" or "Possessing goodness" while Empio means "wicked" or "Cruel". Though there is a possibility that his name was meant to be referred to as "Darius the Cruel" a name referencing Darius the Great or Darius the Mede, If not both.