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Dawn MT in battle

Dawn is the unofficial fan name for a medium unmanned four-legged guard MT that appears a few times throughout the original Armored Core game as enemies.


The Dawn is a medium unmanned four-legged guard MT around the size of an AC. It is equipped with a dual missile missile launcher and a dual rocket launcher with one of each mounted on both sides next to the torso. Only one model is known, but it comes in two different paint jobs (yellow in Stop Security MTs, and gray in Release Organisms and Destroy Space Catapult).


  • Dual Missile Launcher
  • Dual Rocket Launcher


The Dawn appears in three missions as enemies and is used by various factions such as Chemical Dyne and Murakumo Millennium. They appear in the missions:


  • Name comes from a Japanese website and the translation is pending.
  • The Dipper in Armored Core 2 resembles the Dawn, though it attacks with machine guns instead of rockets and missiles, and has six legs as opposed to four.