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Mission icon Defeat AF Giga Base
"Defeat AF Giga Base"
General information
Client Interior Union
Area Northwest Sea
Objective Defeat Enemy AF
Reward 400,000c
Real world information
Game Armored Core: For Answer

"Defeat AF Giga Base" is a mission in Armored Core: For Answer.


This is your mission.

Your target is the Arms Fort Giga Base, currently escorted by the BFF 8th Fleet. The convoy is sailing south through the Northwest Sea.

The 8th fleet is a powerful force made up of large cruisers and other smaller vessels. However, the Fleet itself is not your target. Don't waste ordinance on it.

Use a Vanguard Overed Boost unit to accelerate past the escorts directly to the GIGA Base. Get in close and destroy the target as quickly as possible.

In addition, the Union will pay you a bonus for the destruction of the supply vessels. You can ignore the other secondary targets if you wish.

That's all.

The Union speaks very highly of you. We hope you can take this on.


The player must destroy the enemy AF Giga Base. Using a VOB, the player is able to get within close distance of the Arms Fort and is tasked to destroy it.

Hard Mode differences: The VOB unit that the player is given is faulty. The system shuts down a fair way away from the Giga Base making the mission more perilous.



Serene Haze:Commence mission. Destroy the Arms Fort Giga Base. It's being escorted by the 8th fleet. Use the VOB to close in on Giga Base. Watch out for long-range fire. This Arms Fort is a defensive stronghold. Don't underestimate its firepower.

Serene Haze:VOB nearly depleted. Prepare for normal battle maneuvers!

Serene Haze:(Hard Mode) VOB malfunction detected. It's about to explode! Initiating emergency purge! Prepare for combat!

Serene Haze:VOB depleted. Purging!

Serene Haze:(Hard Mode) Those Interior bastards. What are we, guinea pigs? You'll have to close in on Giga Base using standard boost. What a joke of an operation.

Serene Haze:Good, you're in close. Sink Giga Base as quickly as possible.

Serene Haze:Confirmed. Giga Base has been destroyed. Mission complete.



Armored Core For Answer Defeat AF Giga Base