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Mission icon Defeat Unknown NEXT + No Count
"Defeat Unknown NEXT + No Count"
General information
Client Interior Union
Area Kitasaki Junction
Objective Defeat Enemy NEXT
Reward 600,000c
Real world information
Game Armored Core: For Answer
Music "The Bloody Honey cannot Stop"

"Defeat Unknown NEXT + No Count" is a mission in Chapter 2 of Armored Core: For Answer.

Completing the mission unlocks the INSOLENCE on Normal difficulty and the ZINC on Hard.


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Graphic of No Count.

This is the mission.

You are to target the two NEXTS occupying the Kitasaki Junction. The targets in question are a rank 27, reverse-legged NEXT called No Count and a four legged type, identity unknown.

There are no specific instructions. Strategy in the combat zone is up to you. Just make sure that both NEXTS are completely destroyed.

The Union has authorized the use of support NEXTS. We have prepared a list of candidates. They are highly skilled Lynx; use them wisely.

This ends the briefing.

This is a very important mission for the Interior Union. If you succeed, we can expect your stock to rise in the organization. We hope you'll accept.


The objective of the mission is to destroy the two NEXTS present in the mission arena.

If Big Barrel is destroyed first, No Count will panic and beg for his life. If the player does not shoot him, No Count eventually overboost out of the area and the mission ends as normal. Letting him escape has no effect on the payment apart from the reduced ammo and armor expenditures.

Hard mode differences: PQ appears and needs to be defeated. Additionally, No Count will not attempt to retreat after his allies are destroyed.

Winning will award you with the ZINC vertical Kojima missile, a very powerful and hard to evade back mounted missile that is meant for killing NEXTs with extreme EN damage. If you are struggling to defeat White Glint or CUBE at the end of chapter 2, simply beat this mission on hard (even a D rating will get you the weapon) and two of these on your NEXT can make the fight much easier, as long as you count your shots since it only has ten per launcher.




Combat Start[]

Serene Haze:Commence mission. Eradicate the enemy NEXTS. Namely No Count, and another unidentified four-legged craft. We don't know what tactics they'll use. Exercise caution.

Ay-Pool:Vero Nork, ready for action. Commence operation.

Roy Saaland:This is My Bliss, entering mission area. Not sure if I'm up for this today.

Wynne D. Fanchon:This is Wynne D Fanchon and Reiterpallasch here. Enemy NEXT confirmed. Commencing attack.

Patch the Good Luck:I get it, I get it. Let's get this over with. Remember your promise Buppa Zu Gan. I don't want any trouble.

Wynne D. Fanchon:Looks like the four-legged NEXT is the leader. I'll take him. You hit the reverse-legged one.

PQ:(Hard Mode)It's a missile carnival. Let's put on a show! Buppa Zu Gan... kindly stay out of this, please.

Serene Haze:(Hard Mode)A third enemy NEXT?! News to me. Dammit, can't we get any decent intel? What was the point of that briefing now?

PQ:(Hard Mode)Not yet. I don't go down this easily!

PQ:(Hard Mode)I'm always the last one standing.

PQ:(Hard Mode)Not now! No! Just a bit longer...

Patch the Good Luck:Where's my support?! This isn't what we discussed!

Patch the Good Luck: (If Defeated First) Y-you're kidding right? T-this is a dream! Somebody p-

Serene Haze:Confirmed NEXT No Count has been destroyed.

Serene Haze:Unidentified four-legged NEXT has been destroyed.

Patch the Good Luck's Surrender[]

Patch the Good Luck: (If Buppa Zu Gan is defeated first) Wait wait! I give up! H-hey, I'm just following orders here! If he's pulled out, why should I...? Y-you guys, you're still alive right? This is No Count, come in! We're allies right? Right?

Ay-Pool:What do we do? I don't think it matters much either way.

Roy Saaland:Woah. This guy's crazy. Pretty impressive stuff.

Wynne D. Fanchon:Idiot Lynx. Go to hell and see if I care.

Serene Haze (If no Support Next):So what's the plan? I'll let you decide. This whole thing is absurd.

Patch the Good Luck (if attacked): This can't be happening! You can't be serious!

Mission End[]

Serene Haze:(Regardless of whether sparing No Count or not) Confirmed all targets destroyed

Ay-Pool:OK. Guess that's mission complete. I'm grateful for your cooperation. I don't think I could have managed this alone.

Roy Saaland:Is that the last of them? I think we've both had enough of these guys. Well, we're still alive. Good enough for me.

Wynne D. Fanchon:Looks like mission accomplished. Irregulars. I wonder whose leash they're on.

Serene Haze (If no Support Next):Irregulars? What the hell are they doing here? You need some deep pockets if you want to deploy NEXTS on the field.


ORCA Path - It seems that both PQ and BuppaZuGan had identical roles to Berlioz and his elite squad, taking down as many NEXT as possible before the closed plan was set in motion. Their defeat has brought the attention of ORCA and has taken an interest in the independent mercenary. This mission follows the ORCA path despite the hostile attacks on two of ORCAs finest members.

League Path - It's quite amazing how Both PQ and Buppa-Zu-Gan have maintained their roles in occupying the Kitasaki Junction, even before and after the initiation of the closed plan. They manage to hold the line up until Thermidors defeat. Logically Speaking; Buppa-Zu-Gan and PQ were the official sole remaining members of ORCA before meeting their demise at the hands of Wong Shao Lung and Lilium Wolcott.


  • Originally, Patch was suppose to be replaced by PQ when set to hard difficulty, due to PQ and Buppa Zu Gan being official members of ORCA and having a superior range and defense in comparison to Patch. This mechanic was scrapped due to the unchange in difficulties and not leaving enough pressure for the Player.



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