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Mission icon Defend Anti-Satellite Cannons
"Defend Anti-Satellite Cannons"
General information
Client ORCA
Area Anti-Satellite Cannon Ehrenberg
Objective Defend Ehrenberg + Defeat Enemy
Reward 600,000c
Real world information
Game Armored Core: For Answer
Music "Cosmos"

"Defend Anti-Satellite Cannons" is a mission in Chapter 4 of Armored Core: For Answer.



Another view of an Ehrenberg Anti-Satellite Cannon.

Thermidor here.

The League has discovered our anti-satellite batteries.

Doubtless, they will be sending their elite forces to try and destroy them. I want you to coordinate with our people to defend the cannon.

Unfortunately, we are at the turning point in the Arteria offensive... thus, we cannot spare any additional forces.

These anti-satellite batteries are the linchpin of the Closed Plan. If we lose them, the future of humanity will be cast into doubt.

I leave it to you.

Don't allow our sacrifice to be for naught.



The Ehrenberg Anti-Satellite Cannons.

Your task is to simultaneously stop the anti satellite cannons (the massive towers next you) and take out the forces attacking them. The forces aren't many but they are comprised of NEXTs and AF, so think low quantity high quality. But you're not alone, you have a friend, Neo Nidus.


  • Arms Fort Eclipse
  • 1x 048AC-S (Hard Mode only)


1x Gachirin, Neo Nidus


Serene Haze:Commence mission. Protect the anti-satellite batteries while taking out the main enemy force.

Neo Nidus:You're Collared's Lynx? I've heard of you. So... Thermidor has approved you. I hope you live up to your reputation.

Neo Nidus:I'll lead the attack with my assault cannon. Don't get in my way... it won't end well.

Lilium Wolcott:Ambient here. Targets confirmed. Not a problem. Commencing attack.

Serene Haze(Hard Mode):Enemy reinforcements inbound. It's Silent Avalanche...what a pain.

Serene Haze(Hard Mode):The reinforcements are sniper units. Let's get close and personal when taking them out.

Serene Haze:NEXT detected, closing in on our location. BFF's Strix Quadruped...

Wong Shao Lung:Looks like you've noticed me. How perceptive of you. You're blessed with an excellent operator.

Serene Haze:Enemy Arms Fort have been destroyed.

Neo Nidus:Well well, it's Wong Shao-Lung. It's just like him to prepare an ambush.

Wong Shao Lung:You made a fine target.

Wong Shao Lung(If Ambient's AP drops):How endearing... I expected too much from that girl. She's not half the fighter Mary was.

Wong Shao Lung(If defeated before Lillium):Hm. This is the best I could do. Lillium, finish this. Don't embarass me.

Serene Haze(If Wong Shao Lung is defeated before Lilium after Neo dies):Strix Quadruped has withdrawn. That old geezer is past his prime, anyway.

Lilium Wolcott:On it. Understood... Master Wong. Leave this to me.

Lilium Wolcott:Ambient has been disabled. Mission failed. Forgive me, my master. Lilium has betrayed your trust.

Serene Haze:Enemy Next Ambient destroyed

Wong Shao Lung:Hm. This is the best I could do.

Neo Nidus:I don't believe it. I'm finished. Sorry to trouble you... Lynx. Please, take care of the rest of them.

Neo Nidus:You'd best turn tail and run, Wong Shao-Lung. The battlefield is not a place for scheming old men.

Serene Haze:Mission complete.

Post-Mission Dialogue[]

Malzel:The anti-satellite batteries have already taken out their elite forces. Arteria is already half-way to obliteration.

Malzel:It should be easy enough now. We'll just pick off the most obvious targets first. When we're finished with those, they'll gladly return to the bargaining table.

Malzel:The old guard are quick to panic when what seemed certain changes. Especially those whose past successes have made them complacent...



Armored Core For Answer Defend Anti-Satellite Cannons

Surprisingly, Neo is actually a good ally. Luckily the defend part of the mission is pretty simple as the forces don't really go for the towers, however, that's because they're prioritizing defeating you.

As the mission starts, Ambient will overboost directly towards you and start attacking. Her AC is slightly fast and armored, but not enough to defend herself from all sides of weaponry.

If set to Regulation 1.00 and quickboosting around (wait for her to come to you to conserve your generator) while bombarding her with the missiles. Neo is useless here as his weapons are heavy and powerful, but slow, but against the eclipse ( the giant flying fortress) he's effective against. You can finish it off in anyway you like after you've taken out Ambient.

Wong will show up but he's an optional target. If you wait for the enemies to come to you then you have a ridge that protects you from Wong (he's a heavy sniper unit) and generally stays away. Ignoring him is highly recommended.

Hard Mode:

Pretty much same as above, However, Silent Avalanche squad Normals will appear in this mode and will focus on the cannons if you're not in line of sight. Although these normals will not entirely destroy all the towers due to range of sight of the last, this can hinder your Rank S Achievement.