Mission icon Defend Arteria Cranium
"Defend Arteria Cranium"
General information
ClientWynne D. Fanchon
AreaArteria Cranium
ObjectiveDefeat Enemy NEXT
Real world information
GameArmored Core: For Answer

"Defend Arteria Cranium" is a mission in Chapter 4 of Armored Core: For Answer.


This is Wynne D Fanchon, I need your assistance.

I want you to join me in a mission. We need to deal with the ORCA forces who are planning to attack the Arteria Cranium.

Without the Cranium, the Cradles will lose their wings. Many of the people who've spent their lives breathing clean air wouldn't survive on the polluted surface.

The League is aware of this, and is secretly complicit in ORCA's plan. This request comes from me personally.

It won't be much, but we can pay you for your services.

That's all. I'm not going to waste time with fancy speeches.

Give me your answer soon.


The player is asked by Wynne D. Fanchon to help her stop ORCA from taking over the Arteria Cranium. If ORCA were to accomplish this (as part of the Closed Plan), the Cradles would lose power and be forced to land, where many people would likely die because they are not used to the surface's pollution (although it would likely force humanity into space - allowing them to begin anew). Wynne D. (among several other lynx) has decided to stand against this plan, which is secretly supported by the League.

The level begins with the player and Wynne D. in a narrow hallway, which then opens out onto a larger hall with a flat area, a large ramp, and then a descending slope that leads to a more open back area. Thermidor and Shinkai will proceed to attack the player as they move closer. On hard mode, the back area will have four Jet-type Arms Forts similar to those in "Defeat ORCA's Special AF Unit" (although they are much smaller and do not require any special strategy to kill).




Wynne D Fanchon:The Cranium's core is just up ahead. I am in your debt. Thank you.

Serene Haze:I didn't realize you would sacrifice so much... We could use more soldiers like you.

Maximilian Thermidor:You two... I guess you aren't content to rot with the rest of them.

Serene Haze(Hard Mode):Is that... a Jet-type? But how did it manage to...? It shouldn't be possible...

Maximilian Thermidor:Is this really my fate? To lose... everything?

Serene Haze:Enemy NEXT destroyed. One more to go.


Shinkai(if he kills the player):...The End...
Wynne D Fanchon(if she dies before the player):Sorry. In the end, I always rely on you.

Maximilian Thermidor(if Wynne dies): Watch and learn, Miss Wynne! What is your aim in this?
Maximilian Thermidor:Prepare your soul. These cowardly ideals... they will cause the downfall of humanity!

Wynne D Fanchon:Humanity? I don't see humanity anywhere, Otsdarva.

Serene Haze:And mankind will be safe to dream, floating above the clouds. Is that your answer? Then so be it.

Strategy (Normal mode)Edit

Armored Core For Answer Defend Arteria Cranium

Armored Core For Answer Defend Arteria Cranium

Hallway Strategy:

the player and wynne arrive at the cranium to deal with thermidor and shinkai. wynne engages thermidor leaving the player to fight shinkai's NEXT split moon, witch is armed with the legendary laser blade moonlight and the motorcobra, a heavy machine gun. i suggest to use powerfull grenade launchers such as raiden's arms (RAIDEN-AW),permaflight boosters, shoulder AS missiles and a gatling cannon on the left back slot. stay in the narrow corridor and when shinkai gets inside, burst with the gatling, using the missiles for extra damage and, before he use his blade, fire the grenades. in a pair of shots he will fall. thermidor is not a problem, wynne will defeat him most of times. if wynne's reiterpallasch is defeated, termidor will engages you. use the same strategy applied for shinkai. anyway thermidor's NEXT unsung jumps a lot and his laser bazooka and his plasma cannon are dangerous, so pay attenction.

Shotguns Only Strategy:

The first time I completed this level, I found it very difficult due to Shinkai''s absurd speed and the damage of Moonlight. This is made worse by being on a first playthrough, where you likely do not have a huge selection of parts. One solution I found was to use two shotguns (it doesn't matter which), the radar with the fastest refresh time (RDF-0700) with a mid-weight AC, and wait for Wynne D. to advance and aggro Thermidor. Usually, Shinkai will make a beeline for you, and when he dashes in for a blade attack do a quick boost to the side, turn around, and unload. Because he spends a lot of time (about a second) after each attack, there is plenty of time to hit him with the shotguns at very close range. The reason for the radar is to track when he is turned towards you - if he is even vaguely close to you when you see him oriented in your direction, you should dodge immediately, as he will likely be getting ready to dash in. You can even hit him on the initial dash (although this is riskier). He will go down, and mopping up Thermidor should be relatively easy after that.

Blades Only Strategy:

This is one relatively painless strategy that is doable if you like using blades. Pick any middle-weight AC (I usually do this on runs with only the base 03-Aaliyah) and slap on two Dragonslayers (if you have Moonlight then use that instead). Instead of engaging Shinkai and Thermidor immediately, run past them to the back of the level. You will see a big slope with steppes cut into them. Wait for one of the enemy NEXTs to follow you back, and if they don't, run back up to them to try and get their attention. Once they are back, they will repeatedly get suck in the steppes (it helps if you move around a lot vertically). As soon as they do, go in with both blades (try to get the double blade attack by pressing both attack buttons at once - this does more damage). If you're lucky, they will stay stuck for a few seconds and you can get 2-3 hits in. Otherwise, just keep repeating - it is much easier to fly around in this back area where you won't get stuck on geometry, and Shinkai will not leave the ground unless he is using the blade dash on you. Also works for hard mode, just be sure to kill the Arms Forts first (it is very easy to do so with blades).

Strategy (Hard mode)Edit

The enemy NEXTs are more difficult to kill. Additionally, in the back part of the level there are now four Jet-type arms forts that are similar in appearance to (but much smaller than) those encountered in "Defeat ORCA's Special AF Unit". They have the same attack pattern (a number of large melee lasers that emerge every few seconds). The level can be completed without defeating them. It is unclear why they are present, but it is probably because most players will try to pull Thermidor or Shinkai over into the back area (where it is easier to corner them and pick them off, as the often get stuck on the geometry). With the AFs in those spots, the player has to take them down first if they want to use that space. The strategies for normal mode will work the same, you should just be aware that it will take longer since the NEXTs take more damage.


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