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Defend Laboratory is a mission in Armored Core: Master of Arena.


Requester: PROGTECH

Reward: 52000

Theater of operations: PROGTECH Lab Block 7

Enemy forces: MTs (Detail unknown)

Objective: Defend all gates

Mission Area: Isaac City

Mission Scene: Laboratory

Safety Level: 91


An emergency situation has arisen. Our Laboratory at the center of the city is under attack by unknown forces.

The invaders have divided into several small groups and are attacking via different routes. We assume their target is Elan Cubis' Lab.

There may be some connection between these units and the ones that attacked out Marine Lab, but we aren't sure.

All 4 Gates leading to the Laboratory are located in Block 7. These key locations must be defended.



[Communication]: "Enemy units detected near Gate Three. Destroy them immediately!"

[Communication]: "Enemy units detected near Gate One. Destroy them immediately!"

[Communication]: "Enemy units detected near Gate Two. Destroy them immediately!"

[Communication]: "Enemy unit detected near Gate Four. Destroy it immediately!"

[Hustler One]: "Why are you here?"

[Hustler One]: "You are too powerful... modification is necessary..."



  • Nine-Ball will retreat after he takes a certain amount of damage.