Mission icon Defend Line Ark
"Defend Line Ark"
General information
ClientLine Ark
AreaLine Ark
ObjectiveDefeat Enemy NEXT
Real world information
GameArmored Core: For Answer

"Defend Line Ark" is a mission in Chapter 2 of Armored Core: For Answer.


This is what we want you to do.

The League is launching an all-out offensive against Line Ark.

They have been trying to break us through indirect, surreptitious means for some time, but we have stood firm. Now they're dropping the pretense and showing their true colors.

The ace up our sleeve is White Glint. But if the League comes at us with everything they've got, even that won't be enough.

That's why we need you to be our trump card.

The corporations abandoned the planet's surface and the people who live there. They are no longer part of a rational economic system that supports society; they have become no more than elitist parasites.

You know the truth. A world ruled by the League is doomed. We the people must control our own lives and build our own future.

Of course, we will pay you as much as we can. Please. Help us in this fight for freedom.


  • 1x Stasis, Otsdarva
  • 1x Fragile, CUBE


  • 1x White Glint, Anatolia's Raven (Unknown)


Otsdarva:Those slimy politicians, with all of their empty calls to arms. "In the name of liberty." I'll sink the whole lot of you to the bottom of the ocean. You ready, Fragile?

CUBE:Preparations complete.

Otsdarva:Hmph. Good to hear. Move out

Serene Haze:Commence mission. Cooperate with White Glint and eliminate the League NEXTS. We've detected two enemy NEXTS: Stasis and Fragile. Stasis... it's Otsdarva, the rank 1 Lynx! The League isn't holding back.

Fiona Jarnefeldt:White Glint operator, Fiona Jarnefeldt here. I appreciate the assistance. Good luck to both of us.

Otsdarva:Are you lost out there or something? Rookie Lynx. You bore me.

Serene Haze:(Hard Mode)Stasis is fleeing the battlefront.

Otsdarva:What?! The main boosters have cut out! Damn it, I'm sinking! I can't go down like this!

Fiona Jarnefeldt:White Glint is disabled. He cannot come to your help any longer. I'm sorry.

CUBE:(Hard Mode)It appears you have left me no choice. Initiating Plan D.

CUBE:Now it's one against one. Test applicability increased. Excellent.

CUBE:Energy flow is reversing from the AMS! Aaaaargh!

Serene Haze:Confirmed. Fragile has been destroyed. Mission complete. In the end... only you remain. I can't believe it. Just a brief moment of relief. Let's make the most of it.

Fiona Jarnefeldt:Fellow Lynx, allow me to express our gratitude. Thank you. However, this might mean the end of Line Ark.

Post-Mission DialogueEdit

Lilium Wolcott:Line Ark's White Glint and Fragile have been heavily damaged. Stasis sank into the sea. And Otsdarva is missing.

Lilium Wolcott:According to our intelligence, the only confirmed survivor is White Glint's partner.

Roadie:They got too cocky for their own good. Especially our boy genius Otsdarva.

Wynne D. Fanchon:Maybe, maybe not. Something about this whole thing stinks.

Wong Shao-Lung:In any case, White Glint has fallen, and I sincerely doubt this survivor is going to be Line Ark's successor. We have achieved our basic objectives.

Dario Empio:Yes, but we paid a price.

Wynne D. Fanchon:Hmph. So you think you can take their place? What about Gerald?

Dario Empio:What do you mean?

Wynne D. Fanchon:Nothing. It's just that old fogeys aren't as much use to us now, are they?

Dario Empio:Are you looking for a fight?

Wong Shao-Lung:Enough. If you've got something to prove, do it on the battlefield. No one's stopping you there.

Wong Shao-Lung:Besides, there is still a lot we have to discuss. For example, this Arteria assault. What are we to do with the survivors?


Armored Core For Answer Defend Line Ark

Armored Core For Answer Defend Line Ark

You've been hired by Line Ark to frustrate the League's offensive. Your task is to cooperate with White Glint and eliminate two league NEXTS

It's a quite difficult mission since you have to face a couple of strong ACs who are also able to cover the respective weakness concerning fire range; Stasis stays at mid-range and he uses his missiles and the powerful laser-bazooka, while CUBE will engage the enemies at short range with his anti-PA machineguns.

White Glint is a good ally, although not as strong as in the mission "Defeat White Glint", and he acts as a distraction for the enemies, He will soon Shutdown after Stasis is defeated. An alternative is that if you can attack Fragile only. If you damage Fragile at a certain amount of AP remaining, Stasis will shutdown untouched.

On Hard mode: White Glint will temporarily assist you in combat and after a short amount of time, he will shut down and force you to fight Stasis and Fragile alone. Be careful, unlike Normal mode, Fragile is impossible to take down until Stasis is disabled.

Build a fast middleweight AC armed with machineguns and AS shoulder missiles (Ay-Pool's ones); also use a fast-locking FCS and simply fire when the enemies are at range. Constantly move and watch out for Stasis laser bazooka.

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