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Defend Mirage HQ is a mission in Silent Line: Armored Core.


Requester: Mirage

Advance: 0

Upon success: 45000c

Operation Area: Mirage Headquarters

Enemy Forces: Helicopters, Aerial Combat MTs (Unknown Number)

Objective: Defend rooftop

Operation Code: Rind and All

Client Name: Mirage

Place Name: Mirage Headquarters

Start Time: 00:00

Security Level: 7

Estimated Success Rate: 21%

Recommended Raven Rank: B


"This is an emergency request. A massive attack has been launched against our main headquarters. We require immediate assistance."

"Crest somehow found out about our plans to gain control of the satellite. They're doing everything they can to stop us."

"The attack consists of both ground and air units, our security team is overwhelmed. Right now their efforts are concentrated on the ground-attack force."

"This leaves the building's rooftop undefended. One of our drop ships is waiting to get you into position. Repel any units that try to land on the roof."



Emma: "Enemy aircraft approaching. Don't let any of them land."

Emma: "One of the helicopters touched down. Take it out."

Emma: "They're withdrawing. Good work Raven."

Emma: "Wait a second..."

Emma: "Enemy ACs Cobra and Water Hazard identified."

Apophis: "AC target identified. Commencing attack."

Emma: "They made it inside. Destroy them immediately!"'

Apophis: "Out of my way!"'

Apophis: "Hurrggh..."'

Prominence: "Uaah!"'


This is a rather straightforward yet tricky mission. There are 2 parts to this mission as well.

The first part, is rather easy. You just need to destroy any helicopters that attempt to land on the helipads on the roof. Along the way, you will also encounter several unmanned flying MTs but they are simply there to distract you, they also don't need to be destroyed so it's better to ignore them. Do note however, they tend to stand in the way when you are dealing with the helicopters, be careful of what you lock-on to and shoot at. There will be about 2-3 waves of helicopters that will come. After you destroy them, the enemies will withdraw and the mission is seemingly over.

Just when you think the job is finished however, the roof is destroyed and an AC carrier shows up, carrying Apophis and Prominence. This is where the second part of the mission begins, however you will not get a resupply of ammo or AP, so if you wasted too much ammo on the earlier part, this may be a problem.

Once Apophis and Prominence are dropped into the HQ, they will engage you directly. Open fire on them and it's preferable to focus on one first before taking down the other. It is recommended to bring high DPS weapons like machine guns or orbit cannons against them as they fall prey to that easily. If you have OP-INTENSIFY, use a chain gun to whittle them down until they're dead.

If you choose to go for Apophis first, then it's advised to keep a distance from him as he has dual flamethrowers and they can deal high amounts of damage and heat up close. His linear gun & rockets aren't as threatening as he doesn't use them frequently, but still be sure to avoid them too. Once Apophis is down, you can now focus entirely on Prominence. He, in contrast to his partner, is designed to keep a distance while engaging, so instead of doing that, you can close in on him directly and slash him to death or rain down hell on him while staying close to him. He should be very easy to defeat as his AC has very little AP and paper thin defense stats. Be mindful of his orbit cannons however as they can strip away AP from you slowly without you realizing.

If you choose to go for Prominence first however, then you will have to be extra careful as Apophis will continually attempt to poke you in the back while you are busy fighting Prominence. Dispose of him quickly so that you can then focus on Apophis alone. As mentioned above, it's better to maintain a distance from him while fighting him as his weapons can shred AP very quickly up close.


  • Can obtain the back part CWX-DM-60-1. Will be unlocked by destroying both ACs.
  • Can obtain the back part MWM-SM36/1. It's located underneath one of the landing platforms/helipads.
  • The unmanned flying MTs don't have to be destroyed to complete the mission.