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Defend Missile Outpost is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus.

Defend Missile Outpost

Kisaragi AC


Client: Mirage

Details: Defend outpost. Repel attacks, prevent outpost's destruction

Advance: 0c

Reward: 251000c

Area: Filtration Plant

Remarks: Destruction of defense targets will reduce your reward.



Kisaragi Unit:There's only one Raven, this should be easy.

Operator:The missile defense batteries are your primary defense target.

AC System:Enemy reinforcements detected to the southeast.

Kisaragi Unit:We've arrived at the mission area, commencing attack.


This can be a hard mission without heavy firepower at hand. Whereas the first Kisaragi MPAC is nothing much to be concerned about (especially if you did well back at the first demonstration of it), the second phase of the mission forces you to confront three of them at once, while protecting the missile batteries. That is when you have to be well prepared - if you cannot repel their attack fast enough, they are going to pelt you down into destruction in no time.

To take down the MPACs quickly, bring an AC with strong long range weaponry. Laser cannons work well against them due to the combination of high accuracy and damage. If you want to opt for missiles, high agility types are recommended due to the high mobility of the MPACs. Due to this reason, close range weaponry is not advised. As you are tasked with protecting the missile batteries installed around the base, it is best not to chase the MPACs much, as this will easily lead to you going after the enemies while the defense targets get caught in the crossfire, harming your mission rewards.

When the trio of Kisaragi MPACs are deployed, first off, do not get caught by the initial volley of pulse fire from the still falling enemies (despite what the cutscene has shown). Afterwards, approach them from the far side of the fuel tank containers, which with some luck should funnel one of them between the tanks, making it much easier to gun that one down. The landing space of the MPACs between the short wall and the fuel tanks is the best area to contain the enemies, so the longer they stay there the better. Once they leave that space to roam out in the open, contending with them is going to become significantly harder. As aforementioned, in that eventuality do not attempt to close the distance too much or you will make yourself an easier target. Whereas you should avoid the destruction of the missile batteries, chances are that some will suffer damage if the enemies get out in the open; then focus on destroying the invaders as soon as you can, instead of trying to lead them away from the batteries. Limiting the number of MPACs shooting at you simultaneously is critical: one is fine; two are troublesome; and three are very bad for you. If you can destroy one of the MPACs soon after their landing, then this mission will be much easier to complete. Once all four Kisaragi MPACs are destroyed, your task is done.