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Defend New Fortress is a mission in Silent Line: Armored Core


Requester: Crest

Advance: 0

Upon success: 24000c

Operation Area: AI Fortress VG-924

Enemy Forces: Unknown

Objective: Defend Fortress

Operation Code: Born Dinosaur

Client Name: Crest

Place Name: AI Fortress VG-924

Start Time: 22:30

Security Level: 6

Estimated Success Rate: -

Recommended Raven Rank: -


Crest is currently involved in a number of large-scale construction projects on the planet's surface. These are being undertaken to secure our place at the forefront of redevelopment efforts.

Delays in providing adequate security for all the projects is a side effect of our rapid expansion. We would appreciate your assistance.

Specifically, your presence is required to reinforce the minimal security measures in place at Fortress VG-924.

The brunt of any attack launched on the facility will be yours to bear. Good luck Raven.



Fortress Commander: "We're picking something up on radar."

Fortress Commander: "Checking for transponder recognition..."

Fortress Commander: "Unable to verify. Commence your attack."

Fortress Commander: "Raven, additional targets have been detected."

Fortress Commander: "They're inside the fortress!"

Fortress Commander: "Watch it, they have control of the gun batteries!"

Fortress Commander: "You're doing fine Raven, hang in there!"

Fortress Commander: "The enemy is retreating. Thanks for your help."


Funds: 12000c


This is a rather long mission and can also be a tricky mission. There're multiple enemies that will spawn in this level and there're about 9 waves of enemies that will approach.

The first wave usually comes in the form of 3 Flugel MTs with Vine MTs attached to them (coming from the north side). If you fail to destroy them quickly, the Flugels will drop the Vine MTs into the fortress while they will then fly in circles around the map. While you're occupied with dealing with them, 3 more Flugel MTs with Vine MTs will come (this time from the east side of the map). They will do the same thing as the first wave as did. After you destroy all the Flugel MTs in the first wave, 3 Lance Porter MTs will spawn in the right hand corner (north east corner) of the map. Destroy all of the remaining MTs and another wave of enemies will come, in the same manner as the first wave. Repeat the same strategy as you did for before and keep doing it until all the enemies in the mission are dead.

Do note that around the second wave of enemies, the gun batteries are hacked and they will attack you instead of the enemies. Moreover, destroying the gun batteries will result in cash deductions, so it's better to leave them as they are.

It's best to have weapons with high ammo as well as a blade and a missile launcher. Use the missile launcher for the Flugel MTs and the blade for the Vine MTs if you're running low on ammo. Hiring a consort may also be useful as you can then focus on one set of enemies while your consort deals with another.


  • Can obtain the right arm part CWG-ARF-120. To unlock this part, complete the mission with at least 75% AC AP left and at least 15% fortress AP left.
  • Can obtain the right arm part CWG-SRFL-50. To unlock the part, destroy the first wave of enemies within 90 seconds.
  • In the portable version, can obtain the extension part KSS-AA00. It is located between two storage buildings to the west of the fortress.