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Defend Personnel Convoy is a mission in Armored Core 3.

Defend Personnel Convoy

Two Quadruped Form G units converging on one of the convoy trucks.


Requester: Mirage

Advance: 0

Upon success: 0

Operation Area: Gran Mining Facility

Enemy Forces: Unknown

Objective: Defend the personnel convoy

Operation Code: Duckling

Client Name: Mirage

Place Name: Gran Mining Facility

Start Time: 12:30

Security Level: 4

Estimated Success Rate: 47%

Recommended Raven Rank: C


On account of your hard work, control of the Gran Mining Facility has been secured. Kisaragi is incensed by this and has put forth a concerted effort to interfere with our operations.

They know the mine's layout better than our people, and as it stands, we are hard pressed to halt their disruptive activities.

Plans are underway for a structural refurbishing of the mine, which necessitates the removal of all personal. We believe Kisaragi intends to attack the convoy escorting workers out of the mine.

We'd like you to watch over the convoy. You'll be compensated depending on the number of units that make it out safely. Please see that they do.



Laine Meyers:Enemy forces detected. Keep them away from the convoy.

Convoy Escort:Raven, they damaged the main gate...we can’t use it. We’ll evacuate from the south. Cover us!

Worker:We’re hit!


Laine Meyers:There are more than we expected. Try to draw them away from the evacuation route.


Convoy Escort:Raven, do something! We’re being slaughtered!


Laine Meyers:Raven, they’re ripping the convoy to shreds!

Laine Meyers:All elements of the convoy destroyed. Mission failed.

Convoy Escort:The evacuation is complete. Thanks for your help.

Laine Meyers:Incoming transmission...Mirage has an urgent request. They want you to move to the central terminal. It’s up to you whether or not to accept. Head to the escape point if you want in.

Laine Meyers:Mission request declined. Good job on that last one.

Laine Meyers:Mission request accepted. Moving to the central terminal.


  • Transport Convoy (Not really consorts, but all units must be protected; these include transport trucks and personnel groups in flying powered suits)


Your job here is to guard a convoy as it moves across the large open chamber. The enemy MTs will appear from the four entrance tunnels and move to attack the convoy as they cross. If you want the ICICLE it's imperative that the MTs are destroyed ASAP. A few convoy members can be destroyed without losing the bonus mission, but unless no convoy members are destroyed at all you won't receive the AC part. If you want to take the additional mission, make sure that you can handle an AC as well.

This is a challenging mission due to the sturdiness and evasiveness of the Quadrupeds, and their sheer numbers in the beginning of the mission. Any combination of powerful weapons will take them down, but it's easy to miss your shots if you rush. However if you don't rush enough you won't be able to protect the entire convoy - it is instrumental to destroy the attackers before they cross the staging area in the middle or they will scatter and most likely kill someone before you are able to intercept. The KARASAWA or MWC-XP/80 pulse cannon with the damage boost, 30-ammo bazooka, and the wave-firing blade with at least 110 energy supply can all one-shot the enemies, but ammo is tight. Missiles are effective but slow. A quadriped AC works well for this mission, thanks to the mobile cannon fire ability and a turning rate that allows to face the successive enemies faster.

The trick appears to be to catch the Quadrupeds in the tunnels before they come out. Since they always spawn, 2 at a time, from the tunnels farthest from your position, you can predict where they'll appear and mostly prevent them from attacking. Take a radar to have a constant track of the MTs. Their assault will be the heaviest right at the start, when four of them will come to the scene at quick succession. Taking care of this initial wave is critical for ensuring the survival of all Mirage personnel - you will have to destroy the four first MTs quickly enough so they cannot come close enough to your protectees. If need be, do not hesitate to bodyblock any missiles coming the transports - this will help maintain aggro on your AC. The transports are fragile and are not going to last much if any Quad MT intercepts them, so do everything you can to stop the enemies before that happens. After their initial numbers are made thinner, the MT are going to only spawn in pairs, drastically dropping the difficulty of the mission. To make matters even simpler, you might enforce their spawnpoints into predictable locations: for example, if you stay in front of far right entrance, the MTs will only come out of the two ones to the left every time. In result, mopping up the remainder of the Kisaragi force will prove to be a piece of cake compared to their first wave.

Should you successfully complete the mission with none or a few personnel convoy units destroyed, Mirage will offer you the bonus mission, Destroy the AC. Regardless of whether or not you accept, if no convoy members are destroyed whatsoever you will unlock the RMR-ICICLE Radiator part.

Beware the edge of the mission location as you move towards the escape point; the door the convoy members are evacuating from is not the same door you will take, and you may fail the mission if you approach the wrong location with a fast leg part.

Note that if you want to S-rank this mission, you will have to earn and decline the bonus mission. In order to earn the S-Rank, you have to protect all personnel and do not take much damage yourself.


  • There are fourteen transports to protect in total; if you earned the special bonus for that many in your mission report, the ICICLE is yours.
  • If you want to be extra sure about earning ICICLE without going into the Destroy the AC assignment, simply wait out the offered bonus mission for a minute or two before Laine Meyers confirms the mission being declined.