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Defend Ruglen Laboratory is a mission in Armored Core 3.

Defend Ruglen Laboratory - Controller AC2

Controller AC


Requester: Crest

Advance: 0

Upon success: 34000

Operation Area: Ruglen Laboratory

Enemy Forces: Unknown

Objective: Hold off Mirage's forces

Operation Code: Stray Sheep

Client Name: Crest

Place Name: Ruglen Laboratory

Start Time: 18:30

Security Level: 8

Estimated Success Rate: 43%

Recommended Raven Rank: C


Raven! Ruglen laboratories is being overrun by Mirage forces. We need immediate assistance.

Their attack seems to be focused on lab sector A. We've sent the bulk of our security force and a Raven to reinforce the area, but they're being overpowered.

We need you to buy us time while key research materials are moved out of harm's way. The invaders needn't be destroyed, but you must keep them occupied!



Cold Heart:You’re just in time Raven, we need all the help we can get!

Cold Heart:This area is clear, let’s head in and give the other AC a hand.

Fragile:This is Night Flyer. I need backup!

Fragile:Watch yourself, this is no ordinary AC!

Cold Heart:Aaagghh!

Laine Meyers:The gates will be unlocked once the research materials are secure. Be patient.


Laine Meyers:The gates are unlocked! Evacuate immediately!

Laine Meyers:You’re clear...what was that AC doing there?

Fragile:I'm alive... Who was that?

Laine Meyers:Why was that AC there?


Funds: 0c

Note: Cold Heart is a MT pilot in this mission.


The MWG-XCB/75 right-arm part can be unlocked during the mission. To unlock the part, destroy the enemy AC. The part may be purchased at the shop once you have completed the Assault Crest Facility mission.

This mission is where you first encounter a Controller AC. It is best to avoid destroying it and evacuate instead because the AC is very dangerous for an under-equipped AC. After a while, the gates will unlock, and the consorts will attempt to escape on their own. The consorts do not have to survive in order to complete the mission. If you feel prepared to confront the Controller AC however, then this sortie turns into one of the most difficult in the game.

The first phase of the mission is brief: you simply destroy the four spherical unmanned weapons alongside Cold Heart and the two of you then proceed to assist Fragile in the next chamber. The UWs themselves are surprisingly durable, but very slow, so much that they are easy targets for rockets. After that, get ready for a hard fight.

To save the allied units from the invader AC, your goal is to either destroy the AC outright or distract it for long enough for them to escape. The Controller AC is equipped with the CWC-GNS-15 shoulder-mounted grenade launcher, which can make quick work of Fragile and Cold Heart, along with the MCM-MX/002 core, the EO function of which uses two independent pods for firing. In addition, it sports a heavy laser rifle and an extra orbit weapon launcher. Fragile and Cold Heart each have less than 2500 AP, and are easily destroyed when attacks are focused on them for more than a few seconds. Fragile is much more prone to being destroyed, as he has a habit of attempting to corner the Controller AC for blade attacks, what also exposes him to friendly fire accidents.

The Controller AC is prone to starting the fight by rushing you while firing the grenade launcher, then deploying both of his orbit weapons while seeking to corner any one of you and finish you off with its blade. Despite the fact that Fragile has his AC inevitably badly battered once the 3 vs 1 fight commences, he will remain aggressive and pursue the AC closely; while Cold Heart is going to stay in the back, generally occupying the corner besides the entrance and sniping the invader AC from there. If you want them to survive, the enemy cannot stay on them for any longer moment, as the grenade launcher alone is almost guaranteed to destroy them in no time if the Controller AC targets them. Your job is to divert the attention of the enemy as quickly as possible, or alternatively stun it quickly so it cannot chase any of you effectively. The best case scenario, the enemy AC is send reeling from repeated attacks from all three of you while switching targets multiple times, which gives your allies a much better chance of survival as opposed to the AC opting to pressure either of them singularly.

Destroying the Controller AC is all about speed. If the mission consorts escape or are destroyed, the AC becomes a serious threat with nothing else to target. One strategy is to bring a powerful weapon, such as an energy cannon, bazooka, or your own grenade launcher, and out-gun the AC, though this requires attention to both dodging attacks as well as landing your own - what is by no means easy when faced by an onslaught from two-three different weapons from multiple angles deployed by a fast enemy AC. Another risky strategy involves taking advantage of the tight combat area to corner the Controller AC and use a powerful blade to destroy it, though this should be done very quickly to avoid taking too many hits in return. When targeting you in particular, it has a penchant for flying behind you for easy backstab, which can be exploited by backing yourself against a wall, making your foe much more predictable. If you want to attack it with a blade, it is advisable to bring a high stun right arm weapon, which can be fired first in order to stop the enemy on their tracks and give yourself a safe melee attack window. At rare times, the AC may hopelessly boost alongside a solid wall, being "stuck" near one of the rows of glass tubes by the wall. This usually occurs when the AC is assaulting the ally AC and MT. This can provide a good opportunity to counterstrike before it hops over or around the structure, to correct its movement.

When aiming for the survival of the consorts, a heavy AC is going to have an easier time absorbing attention and resultant damage from the Controller AC. In this case, it is advisable to bring high power weaponry to capitalize on that. Weapons that deliver high damage and stun are recommended. With some luck, it is possible to send the Controller AC reeling from the repeated heavy blows and destroy it quickly, before it regains its footing and gets another chance to threaten either Fragile or Cold Heart. If you are feeling particularly brave (and have a durable enough AC) you might even try to bodyblock it; keeping the enemy in your sights is paramount, as it is fairly fast, so do not let it get away.

For the S-rank, you'll have to destroy the Controller AC as fast as possible while not taking too much damage, preferably not more than half of your total AP.


  • It is possible to save both Fragile and Cold Heart in the mission. Saving Cold Heart in particular will allow him to make the advance to a Raven.
  • You will receive extra 5000 credits for saving Fragile and Cold Heart each, for a combined bonus of 10000 if both survive.
  • As might be inferred from the appearance of a Controller AC and the recognizable Controller UWs, it is not Mirage that is attacking the laboratory.
  • Losing to the Controller AC will result in a Game Over, leaving the player's AC silent as it is downed.