Defend Solar Power Plant is a mission in Silent Line: Armored Core


Requester: Mirage

Advance: 0

Upon success: 32000c

Operation Area: Olxys Solar Power Plant

Enemy Forces: Split MTs, Other (Unknown)

Objective: Destroy all enemy forces

Operation Code: Danger Popcorn

Client Name: Mirage

Place Name: Olxys Solar Power Plant

Start Time: 23:00

Security Level: 4

Estimated Success Rate: -

Recommended Raven Rank: -


We've just received word that a detachment of Crest forces is enroute to one of our outlying solar power conversion plants.

All other Mirage-operated facilities in the region rely on this plant for their energy needs and will go offline if Crest's attack succeeds.

Total loss of power at any of these facilities, even for a brief amount of time, would leave them vulnerable to subsequent attacks and render years of research worthless.

We must avoid this eventuality at all costs. Take up position at the plant and prevent its destruction. Credits will be deducted from your reward to cover any damage repair costs.



Emma: "Enemy targets approaching. Raven, avoid damaging any of the plant's assets."

Emma : "Enemy targets detected inside."

Crest Soldier: "A Raven!? Retreat!"

Crest Soldier: "Uaahh!"

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