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Defend Testing Grounds - Image of Bomber

The bomber as it approaches the testing grounds.

Defend Testing Grounds is a mission of Armored Core 3.


Requester: Global Cortex

Advance: 0

Upon success: 18000

Operation Area: Trene City

Enemy Forces: Bomber x 1

Objective: Destroy the bomber

Operation Code: Cross Counter

Client Name: Global Cortex

Place Name: Trene City

Start Time: 21:30

Security Level: 5

Estimated Success Rate: 65%

Recommended Raven Rank: C


Recently, Global Cortex has been the target of repeated attacks perpetrated by an unknown organization.

Their activities tapered off after several back-to-back failures, but have resumed again in earnest since acquiring a new source of financial support.

According to sources we will no disclose, they intend to infiltrate a stealth bomber into Adan City and disrupt scheduled test exercises.

If the attack succeeds, our reputation is ruined. Destroy the bomber before it reaches the testing grounds.



Laine Meyers:It looks like they’ve sent an advanced element. Take ‘em out.

Laine Meyers:Mission update – The bomber will be in range in 1 minute.

Regina:A bomber!? Nothing was ever said about that!

Evaluator:We can’t stop the exercise now, take out that bomber.

Laine Meyers:20 seconds until the target is in range. Get ready.

Laine Meyers:Target destruction confirmed.

Evaluator:The exercise was completed without incident. Good work.

Regina:Thank you, Raven.

Laine Meyers:Mission complete. Good work.

Evaluator:(If Mission Failed)Incoming! Watch out!

Regina:(If Mission Failed)Aahh!

Laine Meyers:(If Mission Failed)Raven, the bomber hit its target. Mission failed. Return to base.




This mission requires you to have a decent booster and firepower for taking out the bomber. Missiles or a left arm howtizer would easily do the job. When the mission begins, simply destroy the enemy forces that occupy the city. Eventually, the bomber will begin its approach and a timer will appear onscreen. This won't be how long you have to destroy the bomber but how long until it will spawn. Once it does, simply boost up to it and lay into it as much as possible until it falls. Once it does, the mission is a success.


  • Regina's Raven test takes place off-screen in this mission.
  • Enemies will continue to spawn until the mission ends.
  • If you have a good enough booster and generator, you can fly up and land on top of the bomber itself. You'll have to run constantly to keep from falling off, however.