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Defend the Ocean Base is a mission in Armored Core 2: Another Age.


Requester: Eyelet City Bureau of Control

Advance: 0

Upon success: 42000

Theater of operations: Arkot Ocean Bureau Ocean Base 2

Enemy forces: Aircraft Carrier

Objective: Destruction of all enemy forces

File No: R-CA-1597

Code Name: Seafood Paradise

Client: Eyelet City BOC

Opponent: Unknown

Place: BOC Ocean Base

Weather: Fair Weather

Mission Start Time: 14:25

Estimated Success Rate: 54%


According to the latest satellite imagery, a large aircraft carrier is
en route to our base in the Arkot Ocean. Its origin remains unknown.

The area bordering the base is a protected natural habitat and the
current consensus is that the carrier has been sent in retaliation for
our attacks on trespassers.

The willful violation of our borders will not be tolerated. Defend the
base and eliminate the threat posed by the carrier.

The base's gun batteries are necessary for its defense. Prevent their
destruction at all costs.

We'll take over once your part in the mission is complete.



  • 15 Gun batteries


Operator: "Enemy aircraft carrier detected. Defend the base and neutralize the carrier."

Radio Operator: "Alright, we’ll take over from here. Good work, Raven."


Not too difficult of a mission, your job is to take out the aircraft carrier in the area. Destroy all the aircraft carrier’s weapons & you’ll only have to deal with a bunch of helos. Note that if you leave the aircraft carrier as it is, the helos will continually spawn & attack the base’s gun batteries; if too many of them are destroyed you will fail the mission.

To avoid falling into the water, equip hover legs.


  • The helicopters respawn as long as the aircraft carriers isn't taken out.