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"Why not aim for the cockpit if you want to get real messy?"
— Desperado
General information
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Migrant
Occupation Mercenary
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core V

Desperado is a Migrant encountered in Armored Core V. He appears in Order Mission 40.


One of a duo of migrants encountered in Armored Core V's Order Missions, he appears in Order Mission 40. Part of the second dual team encountered in the Order Mission storyline, he pilots the AC Condor.

Encountered in Order Mission 40 at the Abandoned Facility, Desperado is one of two individuals that often try to earn extra cash by selling off the scrap they make from their kills. However, not everything is plain sailing for the two of them: as his partner, Huayna Huayna, seems to have a habit of completely wrecking the AC's the two come across, and more often than not, they very rarely make any money off of the scrap they make on the battlefield. This kind of irrational behaviour results in Desperado frequently scolding her for the complete lack of control over her itchy trigger-finger. Nevertheless, the two have a fierce reputation, regardless of the problems caused. His AC, Condor, is a fully TE-focused heavyweight bipedal geared for direct assaults.

AC Condor[]

In-game information: A bipedal team consisting of a heavyweight AC and a lightweight AC, both of which are equipped with weapons that exhibit high firepower. The lightweight AC favours long-range combat with its sniper rifle and is not suited for close-range combat because of its low durability. The heavyweight AC makes up for this by acting as shield for its partner. In addition, the automatic counterattack sysem installed in the heavyweight AC features superior rapid-fire abilities, minimizing unguarded moments.

The second duo of AC's in the game, Condor is completely unlike any other AC (dual or not) fought so far in the Order Missions. When fought in conjunction with Storm Crest, the two boast great synergy in both their AC's configuration, and their tactical thinking. Condor, in particular, is geared specifically to go head-to-head with any AC, and is armed to the teeth.

Classification: Armored Core [[File:|250px|center]]

Assembly Type





Recon Unit:

Shoulder Unit:
R Arm Unit:
L Arm Unit:

Ultimate Weapon: -
R Bay Unit:
L Bay Unit:


Total Weight:
Recoil Resistance:
Turning Performance:
Energy Recovery:
Repair Cost:

Total Load:
Loading Capacity:
Total EN Consumption:
EN Output:


First thing to note is: don't underestimate them, either of them, Condor in particular. While it may have glaring weaknesses, and Condor may not look tough, it can deliver a deadly punch worthy of some respect. New players coming up against either (or both) of them will be hard-pressed to beat the two, especially Condor; as his AC blends both great offensive power with stone-wall defensive capabilities. However, the player must also be wary of his partner, Huayna Huayna, who pilots the AC Storm Crest, as she will repeatedly try to distract them from Condor.

What makes this team unique is that they make up or each others shortcomings by attacking the enemy almost simultaneously. Condor will charge headlong against the enemy, while Storm Crest provides long-range support to distract the enemy away from him, leaving an opening for the heavier craft to exploit. And while the enemy is distracted by Condor, it subsequently leaves them open to be chosen as a target for Storm Crest's prime sniping skills.

The battle takes place in the Abandoned Facility, near the cliffside fuel depot. The player will take position near the entrance coming in from the desert dunes and sunken town, while Storm Crest and Condor will take up positions directly ahead.

Condor will try to get as close as possible to the player to unload his barrage of LOTUS battle rifle shells, high-power plasma rounds and high-speed missiles; while Storm Crest makes it rain with a barrage of sniper and laser rounds.

Both Condor and Storm Crest have low durability against CE weaponry, with Condor having the additional weakness to KE (from being composed entirely of TE parts) while Storm Crest is susceptible to TE weapons (Ke and CE Parts). Therefore, a varied loadout (rather than one tailored to one weakness) is the key to success.

For the heavyweight Condor, weapons such as battle rifles, HEAT Howitzers, CE missiles (short-range, stealth and medium), HEAT Rockets, rifles, gatling guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, KE Missiles (spread, high-speed, vertical, vtf, large) rocket launchers, physical blades, bombs and a counter gun of your own will work well.

Once either have been taken out, the player can then concentrate on the other. In either case, either one of them will fall before the other, depending on which one they choose to take out first. Although, it doesn't really matter which the player takes out first, it is imperative to make sure to divide their attention evenly among the two of them. If Condor is closer and attacking, take him on an deal damage. However, if Storm Crest becomes a bother, drive her back and vice versa.

A good strategy to try is, as mentioned above, to whittle down Condor's AP with the fuel cells littered around the battlefield and then wipe the floor with him using powerful CE and KE weapons. Then, once he's out of the picture, swap out a weapon for a TE weapon in a hangar bay and go to town on Storm Crest. In theory, they shouldn't last longer than about 30 seconds each, depending on the weapons used. Just be prepared to take large amounts of damage if they attack together. So always make sure to divide and conquer.

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