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Destroy Justice

The Giant Gun, Justice.

"Destroy Justice" is one of the final missions if the player decides to take the Chrome Path in the original Armored Core.


Requester: Chrome

Advance: 0

Upon success: 50000

Theater of operations: Giant Gun "Justice"

Enemy forces: Unknown

Conditions for success: Destroy the firing system



A close up image of the Justice weapon.

Terrible news just came in. Murakumo has gotten hold of the most
horrible fruit of mankind's madness still in space. The giant gun
"Justice" is now under the control of Murakumo.

The weapon which drove all of humanity underground at the time of the
Great Destruction, is certain to seal the fate of the world if it is
fired at our planet now.

This is no longer between us and Murakumo. The weapon's only weakness
is the enormous amount of time and energy it takes to charge up. We may
still be in time.

The only way to stop it is to destroy the firing system itself.

Your best bet is to destroy the peripheral energy chargers to delay
firing, and them blast through the multiple force fields to get close
enough to destroy the firing system.

The best space shuttle we have is ready and waiting.
Go into space ASAP,
We are counting on you.



Announcement: "Emergency, Emergency! Unknown intruders detected. All blocks move to intercept. Shoot on sight."

Radio: "By destroying the energy supply unit in the wall, we can buy some time. You must win this battle."

Announcement: "3 minutes to full charge."

Announcement: "Energy distribution route partially damaged. Changing the distribution route. Firing time corrected."

Announcement: "Energy fully charged. All systems green. Start countdown. 60 seconds to firing."

Announcement: "30 seconds."

Announcement: "10 seconds."

Announcement: "5,4,3,2,1"


Destroy Justice2

One of the side power generators which extends the time before Justice fires.

The Mission objective is to stop the massive orbital weapon "Justice." The weakness stated about Justice is the amount of time and energy needed to charge and therefore giving the player at least 3 minutes to full charge. The player can increase the time however by destroying the peripheral energy charges (one minute per charge) which are located inside the hull either on the side on on the floor of the firing tunnel. The player must fight their way through defending MTs and destroy several large force fields to reach the main firing system where it must be destroyed. The mission can be very difficult with the small amount of time and the number of MTs firing at the player. If the player is also too close to the force fields when they are destroyed the resulting explosion can damage the AC immensely. The force-fields also seem to have high energy resistance, so pack a solid weapon for this mission.



Armored Core Destroy "Justice"

As this is one of the final missions in the game, it is much more difficult than previous missions, especially for lightweight AC's, as players are swarmed by various types of small MT's, which are difficult to avoid. Instead, lightweight users should destroy the peripheral energy charges first, and then use the extra time to thin out the number of MT's. Heavyweights however, can simply charge at the force fields, as with the extra potential for firepower, they can be destroyed several seconds before the player becomes in range. Also, with much stronger armor and higher AP, heavyweights can ignore the MT's and focus on the firing mechanism.


  • Should you fail the mission by running out of time you can see a cutscene where "Justice" fires.