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Destroy AI Prototype is a mission in Silent Line: Armored Core.


Requester: Crest Industries

Advance: 0

Upon success: 42000c

Operation Area: SU-KOV Armory

Enemy Forces: Sentry MTs, High-End MTs (Unknown Number)

Objective: Destroy AI prototype

Operation Code: Marathon

Client Name: Crest

Place Name: SU-KOV Armory

Start Time: 03:00

Security Level: 8

Estimated Success Rate: 16%

Recommended Raven Rank: A


"It has come to our attention that Mirage is accelerating plans to establish a main assault force made up entirely of AI-controlled units. Kisaragi has been assisting them in this effort.

Kisaragi's involvement does not come up as much of a surprise, the company has been struggling to stay on its feet and this arrangement is most likely a windfall for them.

We're sending you into Kisaragi's underground armory to delay manufacturing efforts and destroy the AI prototype stored there.

Heavy resistance is anticipated, so we've arranged to have a resupply vehicle accompany you. Inflict as much damage on the facility as possible.



Backup AC: "How's it going Raven?"

Backup AC: "The supply vehicle can recharge your AC twice."

Supply Vehicle: "Resupply complete."

Announcement: "Intruder detected."

Announcement: "Activating security measures."

Backup AC: "Raven, I released the lock."

Backup AC: "Up ahead."

Backup AC: "Prototype destroyed."

Emma: "Mission target destroyed. Good work."


It is a good idea to have an AC with weapons that have tons of ammo, such as machine guns, due to the large quantity of MT's in this mission. There will be a number of times you are surrounded and attacked by multiple MT's at once, so a very durable AC is better than a light and quick model. Also, make sure you have a good combination of generator / booster that allows a long upward boost; this is explained soon.

First, you will blast your way through a few rooms and hallways, killing the MTs, and along the way you should destroy some of the containers along the walls for extra money. While depleting your ammo and switching between weapons, DO NOT DROP ANY WEAPONS. Doing so will render them gone and unable to be resupplied by the vehicle later. This is of utmost importance, because failing to follow that rule can end up killing you in this mission. So remember to keep all weapons attached to your AC.

When you eventually reach a downward sloping floor with a door at the end, DO NOT ENTER IT. Instead, turn around, and now, finally, re-supply your ammo.* If you have done well up to this point without re-supplying once, this is good. It's even better if you have to use both re-supplies at the same time in order to fully replenish your ammo. These two factors mean you have plenty. Don't forget that the vehicle refills your AP as well, so if you've kept a decent amount of AP up to this point, then you should be durable enough for the next part of the mission.

*Note: as long as you keep an eye on the re-supply vehicle and give it a clear path, it should follow you until you start dropping through the holes in the ground to reach the lower levels. When you need to return to it at this point in the mission, you'll have to fly back up through the holes, a high distance to the upper levels, which is why you need a good booster / generator combo.

Now return to the slope with the door, and enter it. There'll be an announcement that says 'intruder detected, activating security measures', and that's where you'll encounter the first of the unmanned ACs. Just a reminder that the ACs will keep respawning, so they will keep coming even after you kill one! There is also no limit as to how many you can kill, so you can keep going until you think you can no longer hold out. By killing at least 3 of the AI ACs, you will unlock certain AC parts/weapons, so it is important to have enough durability & ammo to finish off at least 3 of them.

One advisable tip is to have a blade (preferably like the MOONLIGHT) so that you can continue taking on the ACs even after running out of ammo. The AI ACs are rather lightweight and fragile so they're actually easy to crack, but do note that they can also deal a significant amount of damage with their EOs and energy weapons and rockets, and they also have a blade for close combat, so it is not advisable to get too close.


  • Can obtain right arm part CWGG-HLR-ALX. Complete the mission with 40 % or more AP remaining.
  • Can obtain shield part KSS-SS/707A . It's located a little bit after the starting area. Behind some grates. Easy to miss due to color. Map Axis X: -998   Y: 112   Z: 342
  • Can obtain back part MWR-AR/603. Destroy the first AC.
  • Can obtain core part CCM-0V-AXE. Destroy the second AC.
  • Can obtain back part CWM-GIGAS. Destroy the third AC.