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Destroy Armored Monorails is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus.

Destroy Armored Monorail

The Armored Monorail set to be destroyed.


Client: OAE

Details: Remove defense units. Destroy all armored monorails.

Advance: 45800c

Reward: 142500c

Area: Ruga Tunnel

Remarks: --


  • 2 Navis Armored Monorail Trains
  • CR-MT98G
  • MBTs


Operator:Enemy units sighted. The monorails are your primary target.

Operator:Maneuver with care, it's a long way down.

Operator:Front line cleared.


As with all Ruga Bridge missions, a reverse joint-legged AC is recommended for easier traversal between the bridges. A sniper rifle and some rocket weaponry is also advised.

It is advisable to destroy the enemies on the topside of the bridges in the first canyon in order to make things easier later. Both the MTs and the tanks can be engaged in melee fairly easily since they attack and move slowly while being big targets. Once they are taken care of, jump down to the lower floor of the other bridge, where the first armored train is parked. Clear out the underside of the highway you began at if you wish, then proceed to engage the trains.

The Navis battle trains are armed with cannons that sport Grenade Launcher-grade firepower, with expected range but also - thankfully - the low rate of fire. Taking on them head on is not a good idea; instead, use the pillars of the underside floor as cover and take shots at the cannons from afar. The cannons are the actual targets - once they are destroyed, your objective will be fulfilled. However, you need to be mindful of two dangers that you face when fighting the trains. The first one are the destructible floors of the bridge underside - the side plates can be destroyed in crossfire, particularly when a train cannon shot explodes near them, which can happen if you take a shot when standing on one. In that case, if you were standing on that spot, you will find yourself plummeting to the bottom of the canyon immediately, which might cost you failing the mission very easily. To avert this outcome, do not ever stop on the side tiles and stay on the central ones (in line with the support pillars) whenever not actively shooting at the trains. In worst case scenario, try to preemptively engage the boosters so you can stay airborne in case you suffer cannon fire and hopefully you will recover. The second danger comes from the size of the cannon shots - they are deceptively large, and can easily hit you even if they seem that should miss and pass beside you. To avoid this, make sure that you clear the corresponding side of the railway floor completely. The cannon shots do generate splash damage, but that is minor in comparison to a direct hit.

After the first pair of the armored trains are disarmed, the second one is found at the far end of the second canyon, on the same bridge, along with some MTs. Take care of the MT escorts first, ignore the other bridge, and stay far away (if you can engage the trains from the tunnel then your will be minimally exposed to the opposition on the other bridge). Remember to aim only at the cannons themselves, other shots will have no effect. Once the second pair of monorail trains have been destroyed, the mission is complete.


Report - OAE Breaks Through Defense Line[]

OAE's attack on the Ruga Tunnel was a success. The organization's advance force broke through Navis' defense line with little trouble. Faced with the loss of one of their key military strongholds, Navis withdrew its forces back to the mine.