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Mission icon Destroy Arteria Ulna
"Destroy Arteria Ulna"
General information
Client ORCA
Area Arteria Ulna
Objective Destroy Arteria Ulna
Reward 500,000c
Real world information
Game Armored Core: For Answer

"Destroy Arteria Ulna" is a mission in Chapter 3 of Armored Core: For Answer. To unlock this mission, the player must on the 2nd playthrough and cleared both Defend Megalis and Defend Line Ark. This mission also neccessary to unlock both ORCA and Destruction route.


Greetings, Maximillian Thermidor here.

We want you to infiltrate GA America's Arteria facility, Ulna, and destroy it.

This mission flies in the face of everything the Cradles stand for, and will be considered an act of treason. With that understood, I want you to listen to what I tell you.

Some fled to the Cradles, and live in the clean air. Others were abandoned, condemned to the Earth's poisonous surface.

Maintaining this system is causing horrible pollution on the surface. That pollution will soon start bleeding into the atmosphere itself.

The Cradles are only a stopgap measure... a panacea. Humankind has no future on this planet unless we stop them.

Perhaps you think I'm an alarmist, but I speak the truth.

If you believe in what I say, then you must take this mission.

Of course, you'll be reimbursed for your efforts. I await your reply.

Post-Mission Briefing[]

You have shown me your answer.

Welcome to ORCA.


Hard Mode differences: Presence of more special-edition normals and MTs, such as Gatling and Sniper types. Several Shield-Normals from “Destroy Chinese Shanghai” are also present near Ulna’s generators.



Armored Core For Answer Destroy Arteria Ulna


Serene Haze:Commence mission. The target is a good distance above your position. Start climbing. You know what you're doing, what it will mean, don't you?

Serene Haze:Confirmed all targets destroyed. Mission complete.