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Destroy Computer is a mission of Armored Core 3.

Galnat Military Assembly Plant 4

The plant's computer.


Requester: Mirage

Advance: 0

Upon success: 42000

Operation Area: Galnat Military Assembly Plant

Enemy Forces: Unknown

Objective: Destroy the computer and escape

Operation Code: Gatecrasher

Client Name: Mirage

Place Name: Galnat Military Plant

Start Time: 21:00

Security Level: 7

Estimated Success Rate: 33%

Recommended Raven Rank: B


We'd like you to execute an attack on one of Crest's assembly plants.

The one we have in mind is fully automated and controlled by a computer housed deep within. If the computer is destroyed, the plant ceases to function.

Due to recent Union upheavals, Crest's defenses are widely dispersed, making this a perfect opportunity to catch them off guard.

Once the computer is destroyed, vacate the plant immediately, as it's quite possible they could react quickly enough to trap you inside.

Again, your objective is to bring the plant to a grinding halt, but we will also reward you for any damage inflicted on the facility. You have free rein.


All enemies are optional as you only need to destroy the computer. Destroying any of the optional targets will add as special additions to your income.

Worth of optional enemies:


Laine Meyers:Objective achieved. Get to the escape point.




Another easy infiltration mission. Although all you are obliged to do is to destroy the computer deep inside the factory and bail out the same way you come in, you are also welcome to wreck everything you come across. Take some energy weapon to reduce ammo costs, and bring a blade to destroy any objects within your reach. Halfway through, you will go through a tall hall with UAV patrols, which will respawn infinitely. At two spots, there are openings to the assembly halls with respawning vehicles on conveyor belts and lots of destructible objects down inside. Go in, break all you can on your way, and retreat to the lift once you are done.

This mission can provide you with an incredibly generous payout - read the below section for the details.


  • As there are a lot of destructible objects in this mission - such as tanks and supply trucks on the conveyor belts - by equipping high ammo energy weapons (such as the pulse weaponry) and destroying the respawning vehicles on the belts until you run out of ammo, it is possible to really milk the potential payout of the mission to over 150,000 credits (which can rival the final mission in rewards).