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Destroy Containers is a mission in Armored Core 2.


Requester: Zio Matrix

Advance: 57000

Upon success: 0

Theater of operations: Arsia Mountains

Enemy forces: Unknown

Objective: Destroy all containers

File No: T-SA-0032

Code Name: Winter Guest

Client: Zio Matrix

Opponent: Unknown

Place: Arsia Mountains

Weather: Snowstorm

Mission Start Time: 18:35

Estimated Success Rate: 39%


One of our transport planes has crashed in the Arsia Mountains.
Initially we thought weather was to blame, but open review we detected
a heat source close by prior to the crash.

Based on this information, it's likely that our transport plane was
attacked by enemy forces intent on stealing its cargo.

The plane was carrying top-secret files. We hereby request you destroy
the containers holding these files. You are authorized to eliminate any
who attempt to interfere.

We will pay all your fees up front. You must succeed.



  • 1 Transport Plane


Radio Operator: "We’ve arrived at the target area. Commencing AC drop."

Nell: "MT platoon of unknown origin. They’re probably the enemy. Destroy them all."

Nell: "I cannot recover your AC with enemies around, destroy them."

Nell: "Enemy reinforcements detected. Type and signature ID match those of Frighteners. Destroy them fast."

Special Forces: "You are late, too late."


This can be a fairly tough mission so stay on your toes. There're quite a number of enemies to destroy and also a bunch of containers. The enemies won't show until you have destroyed about 4-5 of the containers. To find the containers, use a head part with a radar mapping function to spot the targets on the map. It is also useful to have a good back radar due to the snowstorm that significantly reduces visibility in the operation area. The enemies in this mission aren't actually tough, but more of an annoyance, because there're flying enemies as well as other battle MTs. It's better to bring along a blade to deal with the battle MTs and the containers. Use a weapon like a machine gun or missiles for the flying enemies. After a few waves of enemies pass, an enemy AC shows up. For that guy, it's best to use vertical missiles or other missile weapons against it as it doesn't have anti-missile defense of any kind.


  • There is a secret optional part (SP-BLS) in this mission. It is in a ditch in the east, close to the out of area line. The part is covered by parts of the downed plane. Blow up the rubble and you'll find the part.
  • There are a total of eight containers to destroy.
  • In the English version of Armored Core 2, the third page of briefing text is voiced differently from the surrounding pages.
  • The Yellow Eye gunships that appear in this mission suffer from some exceptionally bad navigation, and they tend to cluster themselves when attacking the player that evades them for a longer time. Due to this pathing flaw, the Yellow Eye squadrons can even bombard themselves - one on another - and they are in fact more likely to destroy themselves this way than to hit the player with their bombs. Lastly, their attack altitude is low enough than it is possible to reach them in the air and cut them down with a blade with especially little effort.



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