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Destroy Designated Target is the final bonus mission in Armored Core 2: Another Age.


Requester: Government

Advance: 0

Upon success: 999999

Theater of operations: Lost Field

Enemy forces: Unknown

Objective: Unknown

File No: O-SE-9982

Code Name: Dominion Feather

Client: Government

Opponent: Unknown

Place: Lost Field

Weather: Rain

Mission Start Time: 2:30

Estimated Success Rate: Unknown


Once again, the Government requires your services. You are to head to
the Lost Field and eliminate a specific target.

You've faced comparable challenges before and always came up on top,
we know that you won't let us down. When this mission is complete all
materials pertaining to it will be destroyed.

Good luck Raven.



???: "Target verified. Commencing hostilities."


The toughest mission of all in the game and is the one with the most powerful enemy of all in the game. This enemy is Nineball Seraph, who also served as the final boss for Master of Arena's final level. He is the most difficult fight throughout everything else you have encountered during the game.

Nineball Seraph retains the same look and weapons from his Master of Arena counterpart: dual MOONLIGHT blades with blade wave capability, dual shoulder missile launchers, a machine gun and single pulse cannon blasts. At the same time, he also keeps the unique giant thruster engines on the back, that enable him to transform into an Overboosting bird-like mode. It is near impossible to hit him while he is in this form. Therefore, instead of trying to chasing after this super fast flying form, you should concentrate on defensive piloting and bidding your time for your chance to attack. That will come once Seraph exits the flight phase to engage you on the land, which is when the proper fight commences.

Nineball Seraph follows a distinct attack pattern with only limited variations, making his movements fairly predictable. He will start off the battle by flying around you while bombarding you with missiles, so it’s paramount you make an effort to dodge those right away. These are multi missiles of nearly vertical trajectory, and may prove tricky to dodge. However, Overboosting away soon before they reach you is a sure way to stay safe. After a moment of flying, Seraph will then descend to engage you directly with his other weapons. What he does next, depends on the range between you. If he finds himself at long range, he will spray machine gun fire; if he is at mid range, he will employ the pulse cannon; and if he lands near you (especially if behind as well) he is going to attempt to swing at you with his dual MOONLIGHTs, so keep moving to avoid damage. Just one hit from his MOONLIGHT blade wave will take off 2K+ AP, so avoid this at all costs. However, the MOONLIGHTs of his do not track too well. Whenever he is near you, take off into the air and avoid staying directly in front of him - this way you will have much better chance of remaining unscathed by the blade wave. The next weapon to worry about is the pulse cannon, which he only fires in slow succession but does moderate damage with good accuracy. To dodge this weapon, keep your distance as much as you can and change directions after it fires. He will most likely mix the pulse blasts and MOONLIGHT waves so be prepared to dodge both at the same time. Lastly, the machine gun of his is only deployed at long range, and between its surprisingly meager damage potential and rather poor tracking it is by far his least threatening weapon and one not requiring any special caution.

After engaging you on ground for a while, Nineball Seraph will start flying again & repeat the same attack patterns. However, now his aerial movements may vary. Seraph may now do flight maneuvers of different lengths. He might repeat the missile barrage, or perform a shorter flight with less missiles launched, or just take flight without firing at all in order to make a quick attempt at flanking you and landing behind you. During his Overboost flights, you will need to both take maneuvers of your own in order to avoid his missiles, and also be wary of his movements and try to predict his landing zone. If you find his strafe speed too high to chase after with normal turning, try opposite turning (turn in the other direction than flying Seraph) and aim for stop when Seraph lands. Ideally, he ought to land in front of you and as far away as possible, so he is forced to use his machine gun instead of his more potent weapons while making himself open to your counterattacks when closing distance on the ground (at which he is much slower than when moving around airborne). For this reason, a highly mobile AC build is recommended to keep up with Seraph at all times. Most of all, keeping track of his movements and being ready for when and where he lands is most important, so he cannot surprise you with a sudden MOONLIGHT sweep that clears a quarter (or more) of your total AP. After that, you need to learn how to reliably dodge the blade and missile attacks of his at the very least if you want a chance at winning. If you can manage that, then you should aim to control spacing against Seraph as much as possible, so you find yourself in a favourable spot (far away but in front) when he stop flying, as frequently as possible.

Since Nineball Seraph has AP values higher than that of a standard AC, it’s recommended to use heavy-hitting weapons on him. Missiles are good to use on him as he doesn’t possess any anti-missile defense and they mostly negate his mobility advantage - though he has the affinity to dodge them when airborne so time your shots well. The quad missiles in conjunction with the 4 shot relay missile extensions work best on him, but only fire if a hit is guaranteed (the best chance for it is when he is grounded and trying to get you with the MOONLIGHT attacks). KARASAWA makes for an easy cheesable tactic but be mindful that he is nimble enough to dodge the shots if you fire blindly.

Blade combat is strongly discouraged as he can swing his dual MOONLIGHTs in rapid succession, though it’s still possible to hit him at certain angles & while he’s flying (it’s extremely difficult though). However, close range weapons such as shotguns & machine guns can still work on him so long as the player is mobile & nimble enough to dodge his MOONLIGHT swings & blade waves. It also helps that Seraph is such a big target, so anything will have a better time landing on him as long as you keep him in your sights.

Ultimately, this fight is more about learning how to stay toe to toe with Nineball Seraph, and making the most out of the moments when he makes himself open to attacks. This imposing enemy might seem to outclass you in every aspect, but at close inspection you will find out that even he can be outmaneuvered and punished at opportune moments, provided you stay focused and never let him get a jump on you. With enough persistence, finally you will find yourself able to avoid his attacks and counter him reliably. Once he blows up, the final challenge of the game is done. Congratulations - and enjoy your rewards.


  • This is the highest paying mission of this game.