Destroy Floating Mines is the final mission of Armored Core and is a two part level.

AI core

The AI core destroyed.


Requester: Ravens' Nest

Advance: 0

Upon success: 50000

Theater of operations: Ravens' Nest HQ

Enemy forces: -

Conditions for success: Destroy all floating mines


An armed band of unknown affiliation broke into the Nest HQ and destroyed part of the facility. The security corps quelled the disturbance without incident.

There is one problem: the floating mines left by the band. Normally, our corps would deal with them, but the mines are numerous, of a special structure and very powerful.

We want you to take care of these mines. Just blow them up as you find them. You will be paid well.


Destroy Floating Mines - Nineball

One of the Nineball Units flying through the Ravens Nest data centers.


AI: Stop such foolishness...

AI: Resistance is futile.

AI: Your fate is sealed.

AI: Go is not too late...

AI: ...What is your wish?

AI: ...Come no closer.


Armored Core Destroy Floating Mines

Armored Core Destroy Floating Mines

The main mission is based inside Ravens' Nest HQ itself where a group of unknown MTs successfully invade and attack the center and have damaged and destroyed a part of the facility. Security is trying to keep the MT invasion under control but airborne stationary proximity mines are the main concern. The first part of the mission is a fire fight against several different MTs as the player fights their way through several sectors. After using an elevator the player come to a room filled with mines and MTs which are primarily what the player needs to destroy and after, triggers a cutscene in which the camera zooms in on a locked blast door which activates triggering the second part.

After the second part where the player is refueled they arrive in another part of the facility full of mines and large floating mobile cubes which the player must navigate in order to reach the top of an extremely tall room. Two Storks are present at the beginning but only attack when the player gets close and gun turrets mounted on some of the cubes. The room is so tall that even lightweight AC's with Human PLUS will struggle to reach the top in one try. There are also several MT's and turrets to further impede the player. Once players reach the top they will have to travel through a small tunnel and into a large shaft, containing Nine-Ball.

Dealing with Nine BallEdit

Destroy Floating Mines - Nineball2

Nineball pursuing The Raven through to the central AI terminal.

Nine-Ball is the strongest AC in the entire game, armed with a pulse rifle, small missiles, a grenade launcher and a laser blade, as well as HUMAN PLUS upgrades. Furthermore, there are two of them, and additional MT's to deal with. There are several ways to defeat them which vary depending on your AC and combat style, and as each Nineball is fought in identical rooms, a tactic can apply to both. Firstly heavyweight AC's can simply wait in one of the tunnels either end of the shaft until Nineball comes to you, then pummel it with large cannons, as Nineball will have no room to avoid the blast radius, or use a laser blade to cause lots of damage quickly. Alternatively, lightweight AC's can fly around in the shaft and evade Nineball's grenade launcher and laser blade. However, his pulse rifle is much stronger and fires much faster than normal and can still quickly dispose of you. The first Nineball can be avoided by quickly jump down the first shaft and advance to the next shaft (expect some wound here). The second Nineball is trickier as the pilot must ascend the shaft. Generator with the heaviest capacity, a fast leg, and an optimal booster is recommended. It is also recommended that the player must ascend quickly to the top room and fight Nineball there. Fighting inside of the shaft is not recommended.

At the bottom of the shaft there is a tunnel leading to another shaft containing another Nine-Ball. Upon defeating them the player must then ascend the shaft and reach the top to make it to large energy bridge where there is a final MT waiting and then reaching the AI core. Upon reaching the core an destroying it the game ending starts. The core questions as to whether the Raven wanted to destroy order and world and in the process doom mankind. It then proceeds to tell the Raven to go on living and decide as to which of them was ultimately right in decision.


  • If the player loses there is a cutscene which gives the suspicion that the players death was actually a planned assassination.
  • Throughout the second portion the AI will send various messages to the player. At the start the voice says "stop such foolishness", and says "resistance is futile" upon reaching the top of the room. Upon engaging the first Nine Ball the voice says "your fate is sealed" and when both are defeated says "what is your wish."
  • Despite the mission's name you don't have to destroy a single mine to complete it.
  • This mission mirror the last mission in armored core 3's ending as it feature long vertical shaft, two strong guardian, and a core computer to be destroyed.
  • The two Nine Balls don't have to be killed to finish the mission. However, the player cannot achieve Rank 1 on the Rankings list unless they destroy both.