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Destroy Giant Tank is a mission in Armored Core: Master of Arena.


Sender: Lana Nielsen

Requester: Isaac City Guard

Reward: 40000

Theater of operations: Zearm Desert East Barrens

Enemy forces: Tank x1

Objective: Destroy all defenses

Mission Area: Zearm Desert

Mission Scene: East Barrens

Safety Level: 32


A few surviving members of a successfully splintered terrorist organization are
making a last stand. They're attacking nearby facilities with a giant Tank.

Your mission is the elimination of the terrorist controlled Tank. It is in the
Battleship class and was most likely built before The Great Destruction.

Destroy all Tank defenses and render it inoperable. This will be much different
from fighting ACs or careful.



[Lana Nielsen]: "That is the target. We are still unsure of its full potential. Exercise extreme caution."


The objective is simple yet tricky. Your job is to take out the tank by destroying all of its offensive weapons. The offensive weapons include a vertical missile launcher and 6 large missile launchers (2 on each side, 1 on the front & 1 on the back). The vertical missiles are there to throw you off while the large missiles will take off a chunk of AP from you without you noticing. The key here is to avoid the large missiles as they hit the hardest.

It is recommended to destroy the large missile turrets first as they can easily strip off a lot AP in a short time. Use high power weapons such as the Sawa or any other hard-hitting weapon. Having Human PLUS also works wonders as you can then use heavy back mounted cannons such as grenade launchers or laser cannons to pummel them. Using a blade is another viable option.

Although it is perhaps unsporting, you can equip a sniper rifle, an extra magazine, and a long-range FCS like the RATOR, and simply shoot all the gun turrets from outside their aggro range. You won't be able to take out the vertical missile launcher like this, but it's no threat at all without the tank's other weapons.