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Destroy Government Fleet is a mission in Armored Core 2: Another Age.


Requester: Indies

Advance: 0

Upon success: 65000

Theater of operations: Shu Sea

Enemy forces: Battle Cruisers, Aircraft Carrier

Objective: Destroy all enemy ships

File No: R-CC-0426

Code Name: Decorated Cake

Client: Indies

Opponent: Eyelet City BOC

Place: Shu Sea

Weather: Misty

Mission Start Time: 5:30

Estimated Success Rate: 41%


The Government fleet patrolling Shu Sea must be eliminated. They've
blockaded all shipping routes and are interfering with our ability to
procure much needed supplies.

Their fleet consists of an aircraft carrier and several battle
cruisers. A submarine will be used as a springboard from which you can
launch an attack and decimate the fleet.

Foggy conditions and poor visibility are expected to coincide with our
attack. This will increase the difficulty of the mission, but should
allow us to approach undetected.

Your AC cannot be recovered if it falls into the water. Maneuver with



  • 1 Submarine


Operator: "Destruction of all targets confirmed. Good work."


This is a rather tough mission and one you cannot take lightly. There're 3 battle cruisers you have to destroy and 1 aircraft carrier - first two battle cruisers, then the carrier, and the final cruiser behind it. Since they're all on the water in open sea, it's best to use hover legs for this.

For the battle cruisers, they have numerous gun turrets and missile launchers. It might be preferable to attack the battle cruisers from the aft first, since their vertical missiles will harass you from longer if you start from the ship bow. Some of the turrets can be bladed (that also includes the VLS array and the grenade battery at the stern, albeit blading the former requires good airborne timing), so it's recommended to bring a blade for this mission. For the others, it's better to use weapons that have high attack power. If you need to, bring additional weapons on the back too.

For the aircraft carriers, you have to destroy all of the side turrets, including a missile cell. These turrets can be bladed with a right timing. In addition, all ships require to have their bridges destroyed as well, which is again best done with a blade - if you do not take one, you will have to spend plenty of ammo to destroy everything.

There will also be helicopters there to distract you from the objective, don't bother with those. Only kill them if you have destroyed most of the battle cruisers or if they prove to be a nuisance. Stay mobile at all times and focus on the ships.


  • It is highly recommended to equip hover type legs for this mission.