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Destroy Intruders is a mission in Armored Core.


Requester: Earth Environment Reclamation Committee

Advance: 12000

Upon success: 30000

Theater of operations: Reclamation Plant Blast Furnace

Enemy forces: 6 Battle MTs

Conditions for success: Destroy all intruders


Several armed MTs have broken into a resource reclamation plant owned
by the Committee.

They are probably terrorists employed by those who want to distort our

We have taken out several MTs but with heavy damage. So we are asking
the Ravens for help.

We have closed the gates within the plant to push them gradually into
a large blast furnace in the center. We want you to pound them there.

Naturally, the blast furnace is very hot. If you fall, your AC cannot
survive. Making good use of the geography will be the key to the
battle. Good luck.




Armored Core Destroy Intruders

This mission can be very difficult for ACs that don't have good mobility. The environment is largely vertical with a variety of targets underneath the starting point. The best strategy is to slowly take down the targets and moving down the pipes so that you don't make a mistake of falling into the molten steel at the bottom. If you do, be sure to get out quickly as the steel will destroy an AC in moments The Flamethrower is a bit hard to get as it's within one of the alcoves with the box. Simply pick it up and it's a new toy. The mission itself isn't difficult as long as you don't get cocky and accidently fall into the molten steel.


  • There is a hidden part (WG-FG99) in this mission. The part is hidden in a nook under the first bridge.
  • Don't drop down to the blast furnace. It will constantly reduce your AP.