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Destroy Kisaragi Facility is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus.

Destroy Kisaragi Facility - Call Limit

Call Limit preparing to battle The Raven.


Client: Mirage

Details: Remove defense force. Destroy the AC guarding the facility.

Advance: 0c

Reward: 194000c

Area: Koilos Lake

Remarks: --



Operator:Take care of that AC.

AC System:AC Hot Rod identified. The unit is equipped with a rapid fire machine gun.

Operator:Watch out! Mirage just launched a missile salvo!

Operator:Mirage intended to destroy the facility along with your AC.

Operator:This is a serious breach of contract.

Operator:We can't let it go unpunished.


Bring Hover legs to this mission. The AC is very light and doesn't have a lot of AP. Before too long into the mission, Mirage begins its missile barrage and it can be hard to dodge all the missiles. However, for a hover AC, sitting behind the platform with a strut in front of you will prevent all of them from hitting you. Alternatively the same can be done by standing on the corner of the second platform. After a few moments the mission will end.