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Destroy Kisaragi Force is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus.

Destroy Kisaragi Force

One of the ships docked at Koilos Lake


Client: Navis

Details: Destroy invading force. Destroy all helos guarding the boats.

Advance: 31000c

Reward: 72000c

Area: Koilos Lake

Remarks: --


  • Helicopters
  • Turrets


Operator:Entering target area. Deploying AC.

Operator:Get to work.

Facility Commander:We're under attack! Take care of that AC.

Facility Commander:Curse the luck. It was almost within our grasp.

Operator:Destruction of all targets confirmed, nice work.


As this is a waterborne mission, a hovercraft AC is recommended for an unhindered mobility.

Most of your enemies are helicopters, which can be dealt swiftly with a double rifle build. However, there are also two cannons placed on the water platforms at the distance. Their shots cause moderate damage, so taking them out first will make your life easier when engaging the helicopters later. There are just a few helicopters - shoot them down and the sortie is complete.


Report - Kisaragi and Navis Forces Clash[]

A small-scale battle occurred earlier today at the construction site of a water quality testing facility located on Koilos Lake. Kisaragi and Navis were those involved in the conflict, which appears to have been fought for control of the facility. Kisaragi's interest in the facility is rumored to be linked to stories of an ancient relic that rests on the bottom of the lake.