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Destroy Kisaragi Forces is a mission in Armored Core 3.

Destroy Kisaragi Forces - Street Enemy

Street Enemy fighting Claizen beneath Gran Mining Facility.


Requester: Crest

Advance: 0

Upon success: 46000

Operation Area: Gran Mining Facility

Enemy Forces: MTs (Unknown Number)

Objective: Destroy Kisaragi's forces

Operation Code: Roaring Party

Client Name: Crest

Place Name: Gran Mining Facility

Start Time: 02:00

Security Level: 4

Estimated Success Rate: 25%

Recommended Raven Rank: B


It appears that the remnant's of Kisaragi's forces are gathering at the Gran Mine Facility.

Having them all in one location is preferable to tracking them down individually. We must not let this opportunity pass us by.

Our only problem is assembling a force in time to deal a decisive blow.

So as not to miss this change, we've opted to employ a Raven. You will be accompanied by another AC to insure that the mission is a success.


Destroy Kisaragi Forces - Claizen

Claizen fighting The Raven and Street Enemy.


Laine Meyers:They’re moving more units into the facility, be careful.

If The Raven waits for Street Enemy to take lead:[]

Street Enemy:I’ll take care of the ones inside. You hold the rest off here.

Street Enemy:The gate locked. I’m trapped...

Street Enemy:Are you clear? I’m moving further in.

Street Enemy:I released the lock...get in here...

Laine Meyers:The signal is breaking up. Please go assist.

Claizen:I’m surprised you made it...

Street Enemy:Watch it. This guy is good!

If the Raven takes lead, ahead of Street Enemy:[]

Street Enemy:I’ll hold this area. You head in.

Laine Meyers:Are there more...?

Street Enemy:Situation under control. Go ahead. I’ll catch up.


Street Enemy:It’s Claizen!!

Claizen:Don’t take this personally...It’s just business.

Street Enemy:I’m finished!

AC Battle:[]

Claizen:Looks like I’ve still got it!


Laine Meyers:Communications restored. Everything okay? Mission complete. Return to base.


Funds: 0c


It's a good idea to bring along an AC that can deal with an AC but still has enough ammo to deal with MTs. The start of this mission has two different options based on whether or not you stay in the main room (which is decided by whether or not you come to the mine entrance before Street Enemy). If you do, the doors lock and MTs begin to attack. Otherwise, going ahead of your consort and heading in will require you to destroy the MTs within the other rooms of the mine. Street Enemy won't be helping you here as he'll be fighting in the other room.

If you don't stay in the main room, watch out for the cruise missiles that one of the MTs watch; they do a lot of damage. Dealing with them is best done with a quick and precise weapon, such as a machine gun or an Exceed Orbit.

If you do stay in the main room, you will face a squadron of Gibbon MTs. They are some of the more mobile MTs, and are armed with shotguns and missile launchers. These do not do much damage; their laser blades however can bring considerable harm so do not stay near them for too long if you can help it, and execute preemptive strikes instead. They are also fond of constant aerial boosting to throw off your aim, but if you can follow them they will be easy pickings for an aerial cut, likely destroying them instantly. Stay on the move and do not let yourself get surrounded; the more harm you avoid here, the latter fight of the mission will be that much easier. This encounter option is generally safer, because the Gibbons are not as dangerous compared to the cruise missiles you would face in the other room.

When the upper rooms are cleared, you have to head down into the mine. Here, Street Enemy is fighting Claizen (which is another factor that makes staying behind an easier option); or if you headed in first, then Street Enemy joins you in the fight later on. Claizen's Insomnia is surprisingly heavily armored for a reverse joint-based AC, and if you took a lot of damage or used up a lot of ammo in the earlier fights, he can be hard to deal with. Additionally, his craft is fairly mobile and he is competent at boost hop dodging, so your aim will have to be careful if you want to prevail in this confrontation. The machine gun of his will tear you apart up close so you might want to stay at mid range. He will occasionally switch to the rockets or wave blade (the latter more rarely) - both pose a similar amount of damage but are not too difficult to avoid if you stay on move. The biggest obstacle in this fight is to not allow the machine gun fire to overwhelm you, so do what you can to break the lock on you as often as possible. Street Enemy is only of limited help here as he does not provide much damage output with his rifle - it is best to not rely on him. Fight alongside Street Enemy so that Claizen is more likely to switch aggro between the two of you. When he focuses on Street Enemy, try to flank Claizen and face his side, and then he will have trouble escaping your shots when he is focused on evading Street Enemy's fire, leading Claizen to not move as much in your sights. If you are lucky, it is possible that he collides with a rock wall and backs himself up to it, presenting himself a nearly static target when that happens.